Artificial intelligence and Machine learning has been growing massively over the years. Upskilling in these domains will help you move up the ladder in your career. Read about Siva Rama’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course

Tell us about your professional background.

Before joining Great Learning as a learner, I was working with Huave. I was predominantly working in the areas of system programming, android, and research. I wanted to parallelly have some understanding about Artificial Intelligence and get a better understanding of the subject in a structured manner. This is why I decided to join the course.

I did not have any strong will to have a career transition, basically to upskill. My 10-12 years of work experience was outside of AI and its concepts. But since the management wanted us to move into this field, I decided to upskill and learn more about the concepts in AI. To augment my decision of moving into this domain, I decided to upskill with the help of a course.

Why Great Learning?

I wanted to have a classroom-based course. I felt that I would be able to benefit more from a classroom program rather than an online program. Great Learning’s PGP AIML was an interactive course as well. The curriculum provided at the time was good, and thus I decided to join. 

Was the course helpful for your career?

I aimed to gain an understanding of various AI concepts. The course was well balanced with practical and theoretical concepts. The foundation that I was looking for was met, and I was able to evolve my knowledge and skills. I did not opt for any career support. 

Another great aspect of the course was that people are from different experience levels and industries. There is a diverse background and this gives us an opportunity to network with a vast group of people. The faculty have industry knowledge. Thus, there is a good amount of theoretical knowledge, and industry knowledge as well.

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Any advice for future AIML aspirants?

It all depends on the person. Some people may want a career transition, some may want a degree, some may want to upskill their knowledge. So it would depend upon the objective of the learner. But I would highly recommend Great Learning’s courses. 

For more such success stories, watch this space.  



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