To keep up with the changing trends, it is essential to continue learning. Read about Pranali’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course. 

Tell us about your professional background.

Before joining Great Learning, I was working in the telecom industry for five years. I did my engineering in the electronics and telecommunication field and did my MBA after that. 

Why Great Learning?

When I was researching courses on AIML, I wanted to opt for a classroom option. Considering that Artificial Intelligence is a new development and is quite different from what I’ve learnt in my education so far, I decided that a classroom course would be the best fit for me. Great Learning’s PGP-AIML was the best in terms of classroom courses available in the market. 

Why did you choose to upskill? 

I feel that it is an Industry requirement to upskill. You have to continue to learn new skills and stay up to date with the changing technologies. It is my motto to continue learning, and I have done several certifications after my MBA as well. That is why I decided to upskill in the field of AIML. 

What did you like the most about the course?

The faculty and mentors at Great Learning are always ready to resolve our queries. If we are not able to understand a particular concept, we can approach our project managers easily, and they will immediately provide us with the required support. The course curriculum was structured well and covered all the necessary concepts. 

Were we able to provide you with everything you wanted to achieve?

Yes, absolutely. Great Learning was able to provide me with everything I wanted to achieve through the course of the program. 

Advice for future PGP- AIML aspirants.

Keep learning and stay focused. There is an ample amount of resources for self-study available to you through GL that will help you understand the concepts well. Focus on that, and you’ll be able to do well. 

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