Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have grown to be among the most widely used technologies today. Upskilling in these domains can prove to be highly beneficial in your career. Read further to learn more about Samamtha’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Course

I am a University of Texas at Austin graduate from the McCombs School of Business and majored in Management Information Systems. I worked in the oil industry for almost a decade before deciding to change course and help my family at our local business. There were many factors that went into this decision: monotony, balancing corporate and family business work, the passing of a parent—the list goes on. Today, I am one of the Supervisors at Stanton’s City Bites, a famous and longstanding burger institution located in Houston, Texas. My goal was to help the business reach specific financial goals and then go back to industry. Being out of the IT pocket for a few years, I thought taking this AIML program would help balance my resume for reentry into the corporate world.

I didn’t know what to expect from this course as I’d been out of school for years! Along with raising a toddler and COVID running our business amok, I added more to my plate. I’ve read the buzz worded articles surrounding data science and decided to take a leap into the specific area of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. I am neither mathematician, nor statistician, but I am a person that likes challenges and enjoys learning.

At first, I thought learning and applying a new complex concept per week would be overwhelming. Becoming more familiar with the rigor, I was able to adapt and complete quizzes and projects on time. The program has a good support system where you can directly contact your assigned mentor, program manager or even raise a ticket. This is extremely helpful when scouring the internet starts to result in diminishing returns.

Every online program should have at least one meetup session with an expert where questions can be posed and answered in real-time. This has definitely made a difference in my learning. It’s also great that these sessions are recorded and accessible at any time.

It’s great to have a direct line to a program manager- Shweta with questions about the program–details about curriculum, issues from my side that affect my status in the program. It has also given me an opportunity to make a new friend on the other side of the planet!

Even without a complex technical background, if you are able to persevere through challenges with a great attitude and have a strong willingness to learn, looking into these programs may provide you with valuable options. 



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