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Data Science as a field has shown massive growth over the past few years and continues to move on an upward trajectory. Ronita Dhar talks about her journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering course and how she benefited from it. 

How has Great Learning helped you?

Being from a non-technical background, I was always keen on some technical know-how and was always passionate about analytics. Great learning provided me with the platform to explore more in the field of analytics. Great Learning’s PGP in Data Science Engineering has helped me achieve my career goals. My first class was on python programming which was taken by Ann ma’am, her explanation made it very easy to comprehend the content she taught in class. 

How was your experience with PGP- DSE?

The program is taught by best-in-class faculty, who provide an intellectually stimulating learning experience, in addition to being wonderful mentors who help us in case of any doubts or issues related to the subject. In-class materials and assignments helped me solve more problems and know more about each topic. We not only get to understand the underlying idea behind each concept but are also able to apply it in real-life scenarios depending on the time and effort one invests in the learning.

We had a lot of one-on-one sessions which were taken by Meena and Prince, which helped me improve my domain knowledge and made me confident to face any sort of interviews. Meena helped a lot in any subject related queries and also assisted in projects.

How was the career support team?

The Career preparation team specially Saravanan and Priya started grooming us for placements right from the beginning. Numerous sessions on guess estimates, aptitude, and other placement related topics were carried out by them, which helped me improve my analytical skills and problem-solving knowledge.

With all great efforts from the faculties, career-preparation team, and my fellows, I successfully got placed at EY GDS, as an Advanced Associate.

I am grateful to the faculty, Ann, Meena, and my TA’s for their steadfast diligence towards teaching, and for making us all comfortable with their approachable, personable demeanor.

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