With Data Science and its technologies spanning to take over every industry today, the demand for jobs in this sector is also increasing. Making a career transition becomes easier if you have the right guidance. Read how Rakesh Kumar benefited from Great Learning’s Data Science and Business Analytics Program.

Tell us about your professional background.

I started my career in the Business Intelligence domain and later moved to the FMCG supply chain domain. I graduated from NIT Surat with a Production Engineering degree. In my 14 years of work experience, I have handled and delivered various BI and Analytics projects in Supply chain, Opportunity management (Marketing) and Revenue Forecasting, Healthcare Fraud Analytics, etc. 

Why Great Learning?

I was curious to learn more about Analytics and Machine Learning implementation for business problem-solving. This is when I decided to upskill. Out of all the choices that I shortlisted, Great Learning was the best in terms of course content, faculty, and method of classroom delivery. Another great aspect was the international standard set by Great Learning. 

What did you like the most about the Data Science and Business Analytics course?

The PGP-DSBA course was extremely systematic. The teaching faculty were industry professionals and experts, they had comprehensive knowledge about all the topics and taught us well. Whenever I was facing any issues or needed to clear doubts regarding any topic, the mentors and faculty were helpful. Another interesting part of the course was that we were given business cases and asked to implement them in real-world scenarios. More than theoretical learning, we were given practical experience too. 

Was the PGP- DSBA Course helpful in your career transition? 

A degree holds value, having a Great Learning certificate added a great amount of value in my career transition. It helped me prove my Analytics knowledge and capabilities. The course also helped me a lot in moving forward in the Analytics domain.

Advice for DSBA aspirants. 

I would say that this is one of the best courses to choose from. It gives an immense understanding of the business world and analytics implementation. It will also help you learn machine learning via any tool like R, Python or SAS.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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