An IT/ITES professional with a corporate age of 20 years, in the Business Excellence function closely working with Leadership & Delivery Teams in designing, developing and driving solutions. Enjoying life and its vagaries with family in God’s own country. Weekdays at work driving initiatives and projects for various customers and weekends driving behind the wheel from one marketplace to another. I have been contemplating to sign up for something but wasn’t sure what to pursue and the commitment that it required.

The constant thought to fit into the new world, ever changing terminologies in technology and add to it the internal need to upskill did certainly make it difficult. GL was a reference from a colleague, good reviews from the online world, few alumni contacts from Great Lakes and few connections with your staff. I actually opted for the online content knowing fully well the outcomes and expectations.

The best part of GL learning was Olympus, truly the seat of Zeus. I was truly mesmerized at the product, its features and capabilities meeting the need at every stage of a student life. Add to it the connections with the mentors with rich experience from the business world and the module at hand. It really was a concoction difficult to let go off. Liked the fact that we had both module specific mentoring connects as well as industry sessions to enable the student and the pro in making. Some of these sessions were very involving, few with some finer aspects to improve, but overall a good learning experience.  

Loved the connection and experience they were happily willing to share and make improvements constantly.

“If this is your cup of tea, join in and enjoy the brew. Data Science and Business Analytics is a heady mix, give yourself the time and effort to learn this exciting and exhilarating content and apply both in your active & passive spheres of life.”

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