Stepping out of your comfort zone may feel like an intimidating task. However, once you take the right step towards your career goals, no one can stop you from achieving them. Learn more about Venkitachalam Subramanian’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics course.

Breaking the comfort zone and the fear associated with learning Data Science

I am an IT Professional with 14+ years of experience (predominantly in ERP), currently working as Senior IT Manager (SRE Lead) in Standard Chartered GBS.  

My current role involves managing and leading SRE team of 10 members with key responsibilities involving providing Technical support to a suite of applications (Legal and Compliance), providing solutions in building and managing resilient systems & Enhancing user experience.     

I was good in analysis and numbers, but whenever I came across terms like ‘Data Science’, ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ my thought was this is out of my league which prevented me from joining these programs earlier. Realising Data Science (along with Cloud and Big data) are mandatory skills and no more niche skills made me take this course and master these skills too soon than late to avoid falling the pecking order.

My main professional challenge was working without upgrading my skills. I was sure I would continue to be in my comfort zone and wouldn’t be able to achieve the professional growth I dreamed of.

I wanted to break my comfort zone and the fear associated with learning Data Science so that I can achieve more professional growth and switch careers towards data science. Once I was clear with my decision to pursue a PG Program in Data Science, I started looking for multiple online platforms and finally chose Great Lakes mainly because of the structure of the program, and high ratings and feedback from Aluminis.

I have been able to apply concepts learned in PGP-DSBA program at work. One of them being Detecting Anomalies among transactions using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques and Time Series forecasting.

My learnings as part of this program have significantly helped me apply concepts in multiple initiatives at work resulting in a reduction of toil efforts, improving stability and enhancing user experience. Post joining this program, I gained lots of visibility from management and got opportunities to support Projects involving machine learning capabilities.

My Great Learning Experience:

Initially looking at the program schedule, I was having doubts within me if I could complete the Program. Thanks to the structure of the program, within a few days I was out of such fears and was confident that I could master these skills and complete the course in flying colours. Mentoring session was a great concept where Mentor will explain the industry application of video content within a small group with similar experience.

I was very impressed with the course structure and content, I have now joined the PG AIML program in Great Lakes to further enhance my learning in concepts like Deep Learning, Computer Vision etc.



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