“Had I known earlier I would/would not have” – is one of the many statements that students utter after choosing a college which does not suit their requirements? That’s why feedback is necessary as one can not afford to be careless in choosing a college that almost decides their career. And this exactly is what Gaurav did. He heard some great feedback about our Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing and applied for it. Scroll down to know more about Gaurav’s journey. 

Please tell us about your role and experience.

I am presently working as a test manager. I joined this course to get an overall perspective on application development on the cloud. The program helped me gain a good understanding of primitive and cloud-native development. It was a great learning experience. Also, the course helped to test AWS hosted apps, which is part of my current role.

Why did you choose Great Learning for Cloud computing?

I heard some great feedback about Great Learning. That’s why I decided to be a part of this program. 

What do you have to say about the program structure? What did you love most about the program?

I think the content was great. There was a lot of professionalism, and particularly Nirmalya as a mentor is a class apart. I like the program structure and course format.

Can you tell us about your Capstone project?

We are trying to develop an AWS cloud-native retail banking application. The purpose is to make the most of cloud’s scalability and use Modern tech stack, which will give me maximum learning opportunity and apply the course knowledge into a practical experience.

How was your overall experience with us at GL?

In one word, it was fantastic.

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