1. Why did you take up this program?

After my MBA, I’d joined NALCO as a management trainee. I was handling projects related to logistics, supply chain and finance for 2 years. I had some experience with Excel and VBA programming, and one day I got a mail about this Analytics course. My manager and I were looking at available options because we were dealing with huge amounts of data and we were not sure about what techniques to use to get correct outputs. But most of the programs available are classroom programs, the comparison was majorly between Great Lakes and Jigsaw. We tried to reach out to alums of BACP program via LinkedIn about the program. We got positive feedback about the program from them about the mentoring sessions and that gave us the confidence to go with Great lakes BACP program. We really like Alumni feedback and mentors profiles, and that is the main reason I joined GL.

2. Why did you choose an online program?

I wasn’t looking for a full-time classroom or blended program because I know that it will be very hectic to go and attend the classes. Initially when the videos were shared, basics were understood and then during the live mentoring sessions, our doubts were clarified. It depends on personal interest. I was very much interested, so I’ve learned a lot.

3. What did you think about the fee structure?

I felt that it is bit highly priced when I compared with Jigsaw and others. That is when the inputs from alumni convinced me that this has more weightage and value than other programs available in the market. When I had updated in my LinkedIn profile that I am doing this program, recruiters reached out to me asking about the program and they started reaching out me looking at my e-portfolio. 

4. How did you transition to Hasbro?

I have moved into my new role after 6-7 months of completing the course. I had no prior experience in analytics because I was working for the functional domain of planning, supply chain and logistics. That was a major issue for me because most of the recruiters look for candidates with hands-on experience in analytics. I had used forecasting and time-series in my previous role then. Hasbro selected me based on my background knowledge of supply chain and logistics, because the work I am doing now is on data analytics reporting with a  focus on logistics & supply chain. We mainly work on Excel and other tools and PowerBI for visualization.

5. Any advice or tips to the aspirants?

There are 6 modules and candidates don’t have to be perfect in all the 6 modules. They should be perfect and thorough in at least one module that they like, and they can get a job in that. In my case I was really interested in forecasting and time series and so I started working more on those skills. If you really work hard on getting the concepts clear, you should be able to make a transition easily.

6. How was the support from the program office?

Bhumika who was coordinating with us was of great help. She never missed to update us on any submissions, deadlines etc. Mentoring sessions were great and helped us to clarify our doubts.



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