Why did you choose to take up this program?

I wanted to get into the field of Data science. As I was a full-time BI professional working on Data Analysis and Reporting, I felt this program would act as a career enhancement, to go beyond BI and extract actual essence of data, which helps in real-world problem solving. So, I took up this program when I was working for IndusInd bank. Once the program got completed, I got into Fractal Analytics.

Why did you choose Great Lakes?

There were other institutes like IIM-B, ISB, Insofe etc. providing similar kind of programs, but I decided to take it up at Great Lakes. The Learning consultant was really helpful in providing the proper information I needed. I am now happy that the purpose of taking up the program has paid off.

What did you like the most in the program?

The classroom sessions and the faculty who taught us were amazing. Professors like Dr PKV, Bappaditya, etc had really helped us whenever required.

How flexible was this program? How did you manage it with a fulltime job?

I could manage my work over weekdays. When you pay a certain amount of fee, that instinct would always be there. I used to travel for 4 hours every day whenever I had residency because I used to stay 25 kms from the centre, but I could manage that because I had the interest to learn. I was handling a team at IndusInd bank who were capable enough to do the work they had. I made good use of my free time.

How did you transition to your new job?

With immense pleasure, I would want to thank Great Lakes for helping me in changing my career path towards the exciting world of Data Science. It has been three months since I have joined one of the coolest Analytical companies in the industry and pursuing an end-to-end analytical project – helping my client to find the most suitable targets for campaign data. My solutions are helping them reduce cost on marketing and improve click-through rate and conversion rates.

Do you have any advice for the aspirants?

Complete transition overnight in 6 months is something that is not possible. A constant effort towards a fixed goal or target on which you can work is something that I would recommend. I don’t see myself as a data scientist yet but as a data analyst I know what to do and extract the result out of the data. If a student can think in that line instead of just changing a career, they will able to showcase the work they have done, which will be an advantage. It really worked in my case.



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