It’s never too late to continue your career where you left off from, or even get a fresh start to your career altogether. Read further to learn about Kamakshi’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics after her maternity break in her own words.

I am a Data Scientist. I am currently working in a Research and Development Innovation Project with Cognizant Technologies. My responsibility is to liaise with Business Analysts and Key Stakeholders and submit a comprehensive report on the findings. Along with Data Engineers, I do Data Engineering tasks, Data Exploration & Preparation, Modelling and Data Visualization.

I was on a Parenting Break post maternity for around 2.5 years. I had 8.3 years of Professional Experience before the career break.

I had no clear picture about restarting my career due to varied reasons. Joining this  program gave me enough self-confidence and COVID-19 turned out to be a blessing in disguise to get a Virtual role in the area of my own interest.

Now 2021 -> Data Scientist. The transition as you see is tremendous. Analytics professionals are developing cutting edge solutions and are in great demand. I was always curious about learning new concepts and the passion for Math and Analytics helped me get into this field.

This journey is awesome. I couldn’t clear a couple of interviews which demanded more industrial experience in Data Science. With Cognizant there were 2 technical +1 HR rounds and the feedback was positive from each of the interviewers.

Focus on the core concepts and attention to detail is much important. Every bit is a learning experience for me. Start looking at things with the Analytics View and try making inferential decisions.

It was such a wonderful experience that learning turned to be FUN. My academic Mentor ‘Karuna Kumari’  extended her support throughout this journey. She had always been reachable and huge source of encouragement right from the start of my academics. My past and current Program Managers, Akansha Shukla and Farah Naaz Ansari created a wonderful support network and all my fellow Data Aspirants of DSBA 2020 batch made this learning to be more fun. 

I am very excited in the new role and wish I can learn things quickly. Not so sure about what’s on my plate next. But whatever it is, I will face it and take up the challenges.

Never lose hope. Learn to accept rejections. Your interview is just that start of your story, much success in your life you are still yet to see. Connect with your mentor for support and seek expert guidance during hard times.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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