Contributed by: Shailendra

I am a graduate from WBUT and it’s been around 6 years I have been into Analytics, Visualization & Data Warehousing industry. Currently I am working as a Senior Data Analyst with one of the renowned American retail company & majorly my work revolves around Reporting & providing Analytical solutions. In my current Organization, I am associated with food supply chain where I look after the complete process of pick up, delivery & inventory check from warehouse. 

The problem which I had been facing for a long time in my current role was on how to finalize & track the total number of vehicles (trucks with drivers) that are required for delivery of goods from warehouse to store on a daily basis. 

This problem clearly indicated that there is an opportunity for process improvement with cost benefit.

This is when I decided to utilize the analytical skills I have learnt so far & I jumped into the data & started performing Exploratory Data Analysis. While doing EDA, I analysed that there is a pattern in terms of days of week where some days have higher requirement of vehicles over others. This analysis helped me understanding on how to treat each day of the week differently. I then applied Predictive Modeling techniques (Random forest, Ada boost & Ridge Regression) & built up a model to get results such that during any specific time period how many vehicles(trailers) are required to deliver the inventory. 

I recommended this solution to the company and explained them how this analysis can help us in generating more accurate results leading to cost reduction. The organization was convinced & now we have successfully deployed this model.

This implementation generated a remarkable impact where the organization is able to track the adequate number of vehicles required on a daily basis, along with reducing the additional cost of spare vehicles. Also, the error between actual versus predicted number of trailers has been reduced to less than 10% which is within the goal.

After performing Data Science at Work I now feel more confident in my skills & approach. This has also helped in boosting my out of the box thinking abilities. 

Other tools used: Python, Excel, Tableau, Inhouse Reporting tool, SQL.

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