With Data Analysis and Data Science spanning to take over every industry today, the demand for jobs in this sector is also increasing. Read about Braveen’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering course from a Tier-3 college to a Fortune 500 company.

Tell us about your professional background. 

I started my career as a Mechanical engineer, after a year, I moved into the IT sector. During my period in IT, I wasn’t happy with what I was working on. I realized that I wanted a change and wanted to move into something that interests me, and make a difference.

Why Great Learning?

I spent some time on the web and found out about analytics. It is a part of every domain, and I happened to like it. Many questions were running through my mind, such as-

Can I make it? 

Out of many roles in analytics, which one should I choose?

What is going to be the pay grade once I transition to Analytics?

How do I learn it? Where do I get the course material?

Answering all the questions took about 2 months. I spoke to many individuals(Alumni, working professionals), and read about every institution, and finally found Great Learning. When I approached GL, I had so many questions. They have organized guidelines, experienced, professional people to handle and execute things. They also have industry experts as faculty. 

How was your experience with the PGP DSE course?

I decided to leave my job and join the full-time DSE course. I set my mind for 8 months straight.

When I was in the first week, of course, many things intimidated me. For example, learners with programming experience were asking questions that I couldn’t even understand, always answering for the faculty questions before I even realized the question, etc. I was very dedicated and worked hard. Eventually, things were not so scary. Completing my mini-project, quizzes, assignments on my own felt good. And the faculty helped me through this process whenever required. My batch used to discuss questions and answers related to the course topics being taught, this helped me a lot. 

How was your experience with the placements team?

I cleared an interview for a company that is the global leader in Pharmaceuticals and ranked 123 in Fortune 500 companies. Teaching faculties were really helpful, course administration, placement coordinators efforts were very commendable. During my time in GL, I nourished many skills, met wonderful people, and enjoyed the whole experience. 

My advice to future aspirants is to do what you signed up for, stop finding excuses, and never stop learning.

For more such success stories, watch this space



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