Cloud Computing has become popular than ever before. It has made waves in the IT, Technology, and Business worlds. Read about Vinay Kumar’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Cloud Computing Course.

What is your professional background?

I have a total of 21 years of work experience. I recently joined Kronos. Currently, I am working as a senior architect here, and my main role is to govern the architecture of SaaS for the workforce management domain.

Why did you plan to upskill?

I was working on various cloud technologies for the past four years, but there was very limited exposure to platforms like AWS and Azure. I need to know how it works and how I can make the best use of them in my current line of work.

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Did you have any options other than GL? Why this program on Cloud Computing?

Of course, I did a lot of research on Google for these programs and finally felt that the offerings from Great learning were exactly aligned with my requirements. Along with it, the Dual certification was also very useful in adding some credibility to my profile.

What did you like most about the program?

The best part was the in-depth coverage of Amazon Web services. Along with it, the different concepts, the latest industry practices, and the practices on cloud platforms that were covered in this course were very helpful and best in terms of real-life cases.

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Any advice to the aspirants?

My only advice to the aspirants is if your company is planning to move to the cloud, then this is a great course for you. This course provides a lot of flexibility and gives a good insight into these technologies and practices in a short period.

I regularly spent 2 hours each day on this training which helped me in completing this training program.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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