I completed Btech in Electronics & Communication from MDU from 2012-2016 and was placed in Ericsson as a Business Analyst for Sprint Telecom, USA.  While Doing job in Ericsson from October 2016, I applied for an MBA from IP university. I joined MBA in finance in August 2017 as a full time program. I was working at night and I went to college in the mornings. I was into python and data analytics keeping finance as my domain. After completing my MBA in July 2019 I was confused about the job I want to pursue. I was rejected from many interviews as there were issues and lack of confidence in technical interviews. I joined PGP-DSBA in sept 2019 and I was placed in Genpact as a Technical Lead for the Treasury Accounting Team for CapitalOne Bank, USA.

I completed Btech in Electronics & Comm(2012-2016) and Joined Ericsson in October 2016. I was doing a Full time MBA in finance from IP university alongwith a job in Ericsson.

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I was looking to be in a Techno Functional role. To be an expert in Data Analytics with Finance as a domain. After many failed interviews I applied for Genpact in January 2020 4 months after joining this program. First was a technical round which I cleared easily as I was confident now for technical rounds. Second was again a technical round with data analytics managers. I cleared it as well. Then was a manager round which tested if I am fit to take an Individual Contributor role in the Technical domain. All the technical rounds required Python, SQL and Tableau expertise. After this came a senior manager round which had 2 senior managers for the F2F round. One was an expert in finance and other an expert in the Technical domain. I was tricked into business situations and as a result I cleared all the rounds.

I am thankful to my program manager Akshay Sharma, he helped me a lot. Finance and risk analytics course wasn’t open back then but he provided me all the learning material on his own 1 week before my interview which helped me to refresh my domain knowledge. My mentor Mr. Prabhu Ram and his way of teaching things along with some personal conversations to boost my morale were very helpful. 

Currently I am happy as I am the Technical Lead for the Treasury Accounting Group. There are 4 teams in the Group: Debt, Investment, Cash Clearing & Derivatives for which I am analyzing and automating the processes and working directly with the onshore team. I will now move for a Data Scientist role in Finance Domain only as I have some great hands on with one of the best Banks in the USA.

I will suggest everyone put their 100% while taking the course. Don’t restrict yourself to the provided material only. Do your research and keep asking questions to your mentor. The best part of this course is the designed curriculum. Practical Knowledge or the applied case studies will help you understand the requirements. I will just say “Nothing is impossible, even impossible says I’m possible”. Thank you Great Lakes for this great course. The curriculum and provided case studies were great. Looking forward to taking a job in a Data Scientist role.

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