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Whether you are an administration, finance or human resource professional, a comprehensive management program can help to accelerate your career. But deciding on pursuing a management program can be a difficult task as it requires a lot of dedication, in terms of money and time. At times, students even go through a hard time on which one to pick: online or on-campus programs as both of them have got their share of benefits. But do not worry, keep on reading this article as through this, I will tell you about the advantages of both the programs, which can help you to make your decision. Have a look. 

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Factors that can help you make an informed decision on which MBA to choose


Staying close to your B-school can play a substantial role in deciding between schools as for some, it may be due to the family obligation or responsibilities. 

Cost of Education 

In India, the net cost of doing an on-campus MBA is around 16 lakhs. It is quite a cost and a matter of concern for someone who is looking forward to a student loan to sponsor his/her education. 

Brand Recognition 

One of the primary reasons why lakhs of people get into an institute is the tag that comes with it. Graduating from an MBA school would add a shine to your CV. Students tend to look at the MBA program and university rankings, alumni and their accomplishments, and word-of-mouth opinion to judge the grad school’s prestige.


For most students, meeting and studying with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and even nationalities is quite up on their ideal business school checklist. It plays a crucial role because some companies offer student exchange programs as they help you to learn more about the business practices and cultures across the globe, thus making you a proficient business leader. 

Return of Investment

Let us address the elephant in the room. Whenever you are selecting a course, one of the first questions that you ask the counsellor is: What will I gain from the course? Is it worth the money and time? The fee spent on any MBA program is a significant amount of money, which is a big investment made to build a lucrative career. Hence, Return on Investment can help you find the gain and loss that is generated by pursuing a particular MBA program.

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Benefits of Online MBA in India 

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of online MBA:  

  • By doing an online MBA in India, you can balance work and family while keeping an eye on your future. Since major online MBA programs offer a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning, they are adaptable to the compatible schedule of the learner. 
  • Online MBAs offer a great value of money in terms of both base cost and timeline flexibility. Speaking broadly, you can complete an online MBA in India for as little as 1 Lakh a year. In many programs, it is possible to pay fees in instalments without paying hefty interest. 
  • Students seeking a management program are often limited by geography. By pursuing an online MBA in India, students can choose the course that is perfect for their needs and inclination without regards to any geographical limitations. 
  • Online MBA programs are flourishing and gaining global prestige, thus interacting with many international students and offering international business opportunities. Opportunity to connect with international students, faculty, and professionals in immersive international settings can make a significant educational impact even if the experience lasts just a few days.
  • The best part about the online program is that it offers easy access to syllabi, assignments, and announcements in digital setup, freeing you from worries about study materials getting misplaced. Moreover, online formats offer more opportunities for class discussions with fewer interruptions, thus increasing the likelihood for all the students to solve their doubts. 

Benefits of On-campus MBA in India 

  • Enrolling in for a college to complete an MBA allows you to follow a structured schedule and classes have a specific start and stop time. 
  • The resources available for the on-campus programs such as libraries, group interactions, tutoring, career services and internships can help learners learn better in structured environments. 
  • Networking opportunities in on-campus programs are immense with fellow students, instructors, and alumni face-to-face. 

What do employers think of Online MBA in India?

Recruiters-these days-are accepting candidates who have completed an online MBA in India from a reputed school, especially now when they see that the quality of education is improving with reputed colleges roping in and the difference between the two—Online MBA and On-Campus MBA—diminishing. Also, having an online MBA degree can be a draw for them as they think that candidate is tech-savvy and has a basic understanding of how to navigate online to be able to complete the online program requirements. Also, it shows that the candidate is self-motivated, driven, and has good time-management skills. 

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Conclusion- Which Degree is Right for Your Career Growth?

Both the types of MBA—be it Online or On-campus—have their share of advantages and disadvantages. What people think is that an online MBA in India gives you the flexibility to learn from wherever you want when you want yet there are fewer opportunities to network in person. An on-campus MBA allows for more face-to-face interaction with classmates and instructors. But so is not the case these days. 

Great Lakes Executive PG Program in Management, a one-year online management course, allows you to not only gain managerial skills to build a rewarding career but also implement what you have learned in the class through projects.

You will get to interact with your mentors and solve all your queries. They got you covered on the career assistance end as well. Not only this, they will prepare you for the interviews but also provide access to job boards with a list of handpicked jobs relevant to your experience and domain. For sure, now you must have realized that enrolling for an online MBA can be an ideal option even if you are not working. 

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