Lovekush Success Story PGP-BABI Great Learning

Your Background: I have a BE in Computer Science and worked as a QA Engineer in TCS for approximately 8 years before moving to an analytics role at IQVIA.
Why Learn Analytics: I had reached a stagnation point in my role as a QA Engineer; the role was neither challenging nor engaging. That’s when I started exploring options, read a lot and came to the conclusion that a career in analytics is the way forward for me.
Why PGP-BABI: Once I decided to pursue a career in analytics, Great Lakes  PG Program in Business Analytics was one of the options I had in mind since I needed to attend a comprehensive, well -structured course to gain sufficient understanding of the domain. I have friends who have pursued MBA program from GLIM and who vouched for the institute’s commitment for quality education. The opinion of my friends and the structure of the PGP-BABI program helped me make my decision on pursuing the program.
pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning
Program Highlights: The course is highly structured and it conducts sessions on the applications of analytics in various domains. That helped me gain a lot of knowledge about the applications of analytics in different sectors. The predictive modelling techniques taught were highly relevant and the faculty members are experts in their domains.
How did IQVIA happen: I feel networking with the right people is very important. I used LinkedIn extensively to connect with people working in analytics-driven organizations and this landed me an interview at IQVIA. But, the single most important factor that helped me crack the interview was my Capstone project as the interview mostly revolved around questions similar in nature to the ones I solved in my Capstone project. I was tested on my approach and logic towards problem-solving.
Your role at IQVIA: We work in the Healthcare domain and therefore we use SAS extensively, but the company is also considering R. The role is really challenging and I’m getting to learn a lot.
Advice to Aspiring Candidates: Hard work and practice is really important to learn new skills, your commitment has to be 100%. You should also network as much as possible and be active on analytics forums.
pgp business analytics (pgp-babi) great learning



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