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When it comes to hacking, surely you might think of a man who is busy with codes on big machines in a dark room and surrounded by bulky racks with blinking lights. All thanks to movies and TV series, hackers do have that corrupt reputation but let me tell you that there are some noble hackers too. And they are White Hat Hackers who are involved in ethical hacking. Considering the increase in the number of cyber attacks, the demand for ethical hackers has increased, as companies are hiring them to protect their data from the black hat hackers who are involved with illegal activities. But, being one [ethical hackers] is not an easy task and requires a lot of studying about tools, techniques and penetration testing. If you are still contemplating whether an ethical hacking career is your cup of tea, here are the top 5 reasons to learn ethical hacking that might convince you to build a career around it.


What is Ethical Hacking?

For all those who do not know, Ethical Hackers are skilled individuals who are granted access to the network by the authorities and then report vulnerabilities in the system. For this job, applicants should know about networking skills and have a good understanding of skills, such as Linux, Cryptography, Database Management Systems (DBMS), and Social Engineering.

Reasons why you should learn Ethical Hacking 

1. Understand A Hackers Mindset 

The most obvious benefit of learning ethical hacking is its potential to improve and inform on how a corporate network is defended. For any organization, when it comes to Cyber Security, the primary threat is a black hat hacker. And by learning how they operate, it can help defenders identify and prioritize potential menaces. Practically, it is not possible to remove all the attacks from a network. But with ethical hacking skills, Cyber Security professionals will be able to minimize the impact of the potential threat and assign limited resources that reduce the chances of a successful attack. Training in ethical hacking can help network defenders to develop this kind of mindset. 

2. Know Hidden Techniques and Explore Better Ways 

By ethical hacking into the system, you can learn about ample security options, which otherwise might have resulted in security breaches. With the right approach, you can know about the best security practices to be followed and new concepts like:

  • Hacking Mobile Phone
  • Windows and Linux
  • ART of Hacking
  • Testing Web Application Security 

Learning all these concepts would not only be used in your professional career but also when you decide to change your platform.

3. Helps with Development and Quality Assurance

Whenever a new product is developed, stakeholders often neglect its security testing due to a time crunch, which at times leave the software vulnerable to theft and hacking. But if there is an ethical hacker on board, the security testing can be performed quickly, efficiently and comprehensively with the best industry practices. Beyond this, learning ethical hacking can help with studying tools, created by hackers and quality assurance testers to expedite the remediation of common vulnerabilities. Moreover, by knowing about these tools, developers can acquire knowledge about coding errors that should be avoided.

4. Good salary package 

According to INFOSEC Institute, the average salary for a Certified Ethical Hacker is $71,331 per annum. If you learn Ethical Hacking, your chances of securing a career in Cyber Security will increase, an industry which will be recruiting 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021. On top of it, the demand for Cyber Security professionals is more than the supply. And that’s perhaps the reason why the companies are readily paying a handsome salary to recruit for their Cyber Security team to protect their information from black hat hackers.

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5. The world is your Oyster 

As an ethical hacker, you have the liberty to work for whichever industry you want. You can work for one of the Fortune 500 or even start a small venture on your own. Moreover, for those who aspire to travel the world, ethical hacking might be the right start. The reason being that on the global scale, Cyber attacks are on an all-time ride and are outpacing the supply of ethical hackers. Thus, there are plenty of opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. 

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Just remember this: the hacking practice one which you are indulging is ethical and is for a greater good. Whenever finding a system is vulnerable to some attacks, you will be reporting it to the higher authorities, rather than finding any malicious personal monetary gain out of it. With this, you will not only protect your organization but also experience the adrenaline rush of successfully hacking into somebody else’s system. 


Certainly, by now, you must be aware of the importance of learning Ethical Hacking. In the booming area of the cyber world, knowing about Ethical Hacking and other technical terms can help you prepare better for millions of trending jobs. If you want to learn more about such terms, then apply now for Stanford Advanced Cyber Security Course and build a colourful career in this domain as it comes with instructor-led live training and real-life project experience. 

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