To continue being successful at work, it is important to upskill. Improving your knowledge about a particular topic is an advantage over your peers. Take a look at how Rohith Sharma Khambhammettu made a shift in career through Great Learning’s PGP – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course.

Where are you currently working? 

I am currently working as a Python Developer at Pyramid Technology Solutions, based out of Hyderabad. Being new to the IT sector, I wish to be successful in this journey and Great Learning is helping me do so!

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Describe your journey with Great Learning’s PGP AIML course. 

PGP AIML has been very helpful in my journey. It aided me in learning and understanding the world of Machine Learning in a comprehensive manner. All the concepts were explained to me through a step by step process. When I had any doubts regarding the course topics, it was easy to get it cleared within no time. I was given ample time to complete the assignments. PGP AIML has motivated me to explore and further learn about statistics, other kinds of AI/ML and it’s techniques. 

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Was the program helpful and what are your future career goals? 

The course proved to be extremely beneficial for me. Earlier while using ML or NLP tools, I wasn’t aware of all their functions. Now I’m able to understand an in-depth application of these tools. This understanding of concepts gives me a huge advantage over my peers. I would love to use animated plotting because the visualization is more dynamic.

In the future, I can see myself working with ML with or without the use of software tools. I am confident that with the notes provided by the program, I can crack some pretty good interviews.




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