Applications of AIML range from face and speech recognition to video surveillance and fraud detection. Here is how Manish Kumar’s interests in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning shift into a career through Great Learning’s AIML program.

Tell us about yourself.

By profession, I am a Chemical Engineer. Personally, I have a great deal of interest in exploring the field of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. 

How was your program experience with Great Learning?

The learning experience with the Great Learning team has been extremely smooth and amazing so far. The program is very well structured and the course content covers both theoretical and industrial application aspects. The curriculum also provided us with challenging projects and exercises that helped gain first-hand industry experiences. Moreover, it was also extremely helpful in gaining confidence for my future profession. 

What did you like most about the program?

Stepping into the program, I had many questions related to the subject that the internet didn’t have answers for. However, the weekend mentoring sessions of the program proved to be beyond helpful since it was essential to clear complicated doubts and queries. 

What are your career goals through this program?

In my opinion, every other industry, including banking, healthcare, automobile, e-commerce, power, chemical among many others use AI/ML in some form or the other for various departments. This can include informed decision making, pattern recognition, documentation, customer service, sales, etc. As we move at a fast pace in this digital world, there are many disadvantages that come along with the advantages, namely frauds, cybercrimes and many others. I feel that AI/ML has the great potential to handle these kinds of issues. With that in mind, I expect that through this program I can strengthen my basics and become industry ready– to contribute towards the various applications of AI/ML. After this course, I see myself to be professionally confident and ready to solve real-world problems in the industry through my acquired AIML skills. 

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