While most freshers struggle while stepping into the job market, Shreekrishna Jadav was able to secure his future with the help of Great Learning’s PGP- Data Science and Engineering Course. Read further to know more about his journey. 

Tell us about your professional background. 

I am from the Electronics and Telecommunication domain and don’t have much knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science. These concepts always fascinated me. After some research, I was able to learn more about these technologies and learn about the great advancements in these domains all over the world. I figured that this could land me a job in the trending tec-domains. This is when I decided to get into the field of Data Science and Engineering and learn more about the topics that interest me. I am currently working at Think Analytics as an Associate Analytics Advisory. 

How was your experience with the PGP- Data Science and Engineering Course? 

The past few months have been amazing and the experience I’ve had here has truly been great. The hours spent learning and working around datasets has taught me so much. The mentors have always had my back. Whenever I needed help with the content or had any doubts, they were always available to help me resolve the issue. All the faculty members and other teams are simply commendable. A big shout out to Preeti Mam & Varsha Mam for always being supportive. Also, the efforts that they put in on the day of the interview are highly appreciated and meant a lot to me. Overall, I’d say it was a very memorable experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity. 

How was your experience with the placements team? 

The faculty is very approachable. The placement process is a big boon for all of the students. Being a fresher, there was a lot of pressure on me. The job market is competitive and I was afraid whether I would land a good job or not. But if you start with an amazing institution like Great Learning, there is no need to worry. The placement team will ensure that you land your dream job. They not only focus on the placement process but the learning process as well. We gained a lot of experience regarding the technical aspects, but also about its implementation in various industries. Whether you come from a coding background or not, it doesn’t matter. The course will help you learn everything from scratch. 

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