utsav ghosh success story great learning
utsav ghosh success story great learning

I did my B.Tech in Computer Science , joined the industry in 2011 and my resposnibility was software testing. I have been in the BFSI sector throughout my career of 7 years. I joined Great Learning a couple of years back as I wanted to make a move from testing to Analytics. It was relatively easy for me because I was accustomed to working on huge amounts of data at my job.
As I worked on more and more data, I was attracted to using it further to draw insights and figure out trends. My manager noticed my inquisitiveness with such projects and encouraged me to take up a formal course to learn analytics further. As with most companies worldwide, my organization was also investing in newer technology and innovations on the analytics front. It seemed like a natural progression for me to take my abilities a notch up. I enrolled in the PGP-BABI program and now I can take up the analytics projects.
I Joined Great Learning because of Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadyay who I knew, indirectly, through an earlier colleague of his. I didn’t even consider other institutes when I heard that Dr. Bappaditya is the program director for the PGP-BABI program. Of course, the brand name of Great Lakes further helped me validate my decision.
My current role is multi-faceted where I get to don the two hats of a tester and a data analyst. I work as a contributor to the Innovation Lab and get to perform both my roles.
I liked that the program covered the most important statistical concepts required to be an excellent data analyst. The course is not just about the use of tools but developing an analytical acumen to approach a business problem. My experience with the capstone project was also great as we gained in-depth knowledge throughout our project lifecycle.
My advice to professionals Aspiring to make a career in Business Analytics and Data Science would be to learn the basic concepts well. You should know at least one programming language. Whether it is R, Python, or MATLAB, it doesn’t matter but proficiency in one language is a must. I mostly use Python for my analyst role. Another thing is a thorough understanding of statistical concepts. Looking at a problem, you should be able to apply both statistical and mathematical acumen to solve it.
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