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A Guide to using technology to impart high-quality learning experience online

Most teachers worldwide have been forced to adopt online teaching overnight but teaching online effectively is not the same as using a video conferencing tool and replicating what you do in a classroom. There are several nuances that go into teaching effectively online. Following is a guide to introduce you to them.

  1. Preparing for a transformation in Higher Education
  2. Planning and Delivering your first Online Course
  3. Using Structured Learning Environment
  4. Planning Assessments
  5. Instructional Design & Delivery  – Synchronous vs Asynchronous
  6. Learner Engagement Activities

Master Class

How to teach online effectively (Great Lakes Case Study)

Learn from the Great Lakes Institute of Management – one of the most prestigious business schools in India and its transition to online programs. 

This session will cover among other topics:

  • How to transition from a classroom mode of delivery to an online learning environment
  • How to effectively plan and structure an online curriculum and session
  • How to keep students engaged and motivated when they are remote
  • How to get feedback and act on it
  • Some precautions to take and tips to be successful



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