When decisions are driven by passion, excuses take the backseat. When Koyeli, our BABI alum decided to learn analytics, nothing could stop her. Read on to find out how she managed to learn analytics even though she had a full-time job.

Why did you take up the PGP-BABI program?

I have completed my BTech and I have worked with Ericsson for 5 years. There I was majorly doing work related to Network Engineering in the telecom domain. I was also working on a lot of automation opportunities in my own team. Then I joined Reliance Jio, there also I started working in the RF department- Network side. My job role was optimization and Network KPI Visualization using R. I was doing a lot of analysis on volumes of data and wanted to learn more about deploying analytics in the job. That is the main reason for taking up the PGP-BABI program. After completing the program, I was able to implement various concepts that I learnt during the class in my day-to-day work.

How did the program help you transition to your current role?

I got an interview call from Renault through one of the job postings of Great Learning. The first interview was entirely based on the basics of data science which was followed by a technical round. Most of the questions were on probability, statistics, SQL and python. After that, I had two face-to-face interviews. Mr Vijayakeerthi who is a Great Learning alumnus helped me in identifying the areas to focus on, for the interview. Renault offered me the role of senior ML engineer. I will be using Python, Spark and SQL in this role dominantly.

Did the program give you the flexibility to establish a work-life balance?

Initially, it was a bit difficult to manage with a full-time job. I have sacrificed weekends for one year even though the classrooms were held only on one weekend per month. The assignments and quizzes kept me occupied. Candidates need to give their best and practice more once you enrol for such a program. The best thing about the PGP-BABI program is that the faculties are really good.

The learning outcomes of the program have definitely helped me as this is a totally different domain and everything I learnt through the assignments and projects has really helped. The course is really well defined. Also, the resume building sessions and guidance from Great Learning has helped me in making this transition with approximately 45% hike.



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