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A career transition can be a daunting experience, but not at Great Learning. Here’s how Aman chose to take his career to greater heights by joining the PGP ML Course at Great Learning

Was the course curriculum helpful?

I am greatly indebted to Great Learning for guiding me in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science. I was working in the IT industry when I joined the GL online course for ML and managed to gain good understanding and experience through their weekly live sessions and webinars. We were given assignments with each module and this gave us the confidence and practical experience on how to utilize the techniques taught during the lectures. The course structure has been designed mindfully and it’s easy to self-pace the learning.

How was the career support provided by the GL team?

Great Learning provides excellent career assistance. They ensure that we are industry-ready, conduct mock interview sessions and tell us how to work on our weaknesses. I found my first job as a data scientist in Bangalore through one of GL’s job recommendations. It has been close to 6 months since I have been working in this field and I am loving it. 

Did you find the mentor sessions to be useful?

The Great Learning staff provides excellent support. You can talk to them about any problems you face during the course. They always make sure that it is solved. I had some trouble with landing interviews so GL arranged mentoring sessions by experienced professionals in this field. They helped me identify the areas I need to highlight in my resume and taught me how to overcome my problems. 

Advice to future PGP-ML aspirants.

Data Science is a fast-growing field and even with this course, one needs to make a constant effort to reach industry-level skills in this field. GL’s ML course is the first step towards becoming a professional and I highly recommend it.



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