With the industry requirements changing all the time, and technological advancements dictating the current economy, it becomes imperative for us to upskill and stay relevant. Follow Satish Rajendren’s journey with Great Learning’s AIFL Course

Why did you decide to upskill?

I have 20+ years of work experience. With the advancement in technology and the pace at which newer improvements are coming into the market, I felt that it was important to upskill. I wanted to move up the ladder in my professional journey, where I could contribute more to the company and grow my knowledge base. Hence I decided to upskill. 

How was your experience with the AIFL program?

All the online sessions conducted were extremely knowledgeable. It will be unfair if I don’t mention the sessions of Dr. Sarkar who showed great patience in answering our questions and clarifying our doubts about the topic. Dr. Sarkar promoted an environment where I felt like I cannot only share my contribution but also know that it is appreciated by all. The course curriculum was structured well and was extremely comprehensive. Overall, the program taught me a lot and helped me become industry-ready. 

Was the mentor support helpful?

Inspiration. Empowerment. Engagement. These three characteristics are just a short example of how the Great Learning team has taken us through this journey during the entire course. The mentor support provided was very helpful. They were always available to help us when we needed to clear doubts. They were very prompt and ensured that we gained sufficient knowledge regarding all the topics. 

Advice to future AIFL aspirants.

With the fast-growing pace of technology, it is important to be relevant. Great Learning’s AIFL course helps you understand and decode industry level problem-solving. Good learning material to start your journey in this field.

You can also check out Great Learning’s AIML Course! For more such success stories, watch this space.



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