Being responsible for the formation of young minds and hearts can be beyond challenging. Here is Siddhanth Diwedi’s teaching experience with Great Learning’s program.  

Tell us a little about your Background

I am a bug hunter and a cybersecurity enthusiast. I have been a part of multiple cybersecurity projects, all which I participated in during my undergraduate degree. I strongly believe in giving back to the community, and I can safely say that my projects are living proof of that.

How was your experience with Great Learning?

While working as a Teaching Adhoc for the SACSP team, I was always presented with new challenges by our students. Most often, the challenges made me refer to a lot of books and articles, helping me learn more during the process. This also brought me closer to students and helped me in providing them with targeted solutions to their problems. My overall experience back at the program was incredible. I learnt a lot from my team, developed both personally as well as professionally. I had my team to help me constantly, and their support is what kept me going throughout. 

Do you have any advice for aspirants of this course?

A huge part of learning is the passion that lies in it. If you are curious to learn and improve your knowledge in the subject, I would definitely recommend it to every aspirant. Considering that this is an advanced level program, it is more suitable for mid-level cybersecurity professionals to gain more knowledge to apply the new practices to their existing roles.

Explore and upskill your career in the field of Cyber Security through Great Learning’s Cyber Security Course.



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