Given the present job market scenario, it becomes difficult for freshers to get a job even if they know what they want to pursue as a career. In such a situation it is important to figure out the right path to land your dream job and get the relevant skills required for the job. Upskilling with Great Learning was the path that Diptanil Bhowmik chose and was successful in achieving a job as consultant analyst at Fractal Analytics. Read more to know what he has to say about the Data Science program he pursued.

What did you like the most about Great Learning?

To start with, Great Learning has been a great experience due to the faculty appointed for the program. They are highly skilled and have a great depth of knowledge on the topics being taught. Secondly, the management was quite considerate.
The initial classes were easy but as the major topics came in, it needed an extra effort and the whole management was very helpful with extra classes and other guidance as required. 
The best part of the program is the capstone project that I have worked on. I got an IPL dataset to work on which was both interesting and challenging. Through this project, I got to learn how data science works.
The placement team was an important part of the program as many top-notch companies were brought in and a placement boot camp was set-up for each company.
I got an offer from Fractal Analytics as a consultant analyst which gave a great career boost to me being a fresher. The company is great to work for. 

How was your experience of the interview process at Fractal?

Fractal had one of the most rigorous placement processes. It started with an aptitude test which required us to answer 70 questions in 75 minutes. A safe score would be around 40-45.
After that, there was an SQL+Python test in Hacker Rank which was quite challenging.
I got called for the personal interview round after clearing the previous rounds. From this point, every round was an elimination round which consisted of a Technical round which was a resume drilling round, followed by a business problem round that involved case studies and guesstimate questions, and lastly an HR round.

How did GL help you with the interview process?

GL helped with all these rounds. Different companies have different requirements and GL made sure to prepare us for each interview process separately. 
The experience with GL had been excellent and I would recommend people for taking up the DSE course because of the quality of content they have and the depth they teach with. They also provide tasty food for lunch if you are a foodie.
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