There are many reasons to choose Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science and Engineering against the many options available in the market. Here’s why Yogesh Soni chose Great Learning. Read more to know what he has to say.  
Why Choose Data Science?
Question: How many machine learning specialists does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Just one, but they require a million light bulbs to train properly.

Why did you choose the data science program from Great Learning?

I was actually looking at many other courses. But I chose Great Learning because of the exhaustive curriculum as it covered all the topics in analytics. Exposure to the application of Analytics in different fields which is what I really liked. The program structure was the perfect balance of learning the basics along with the hands-on application of tools and techniques.

What did you like most about the program?

The following are the two things I liked most about the program –
1) Classroom sessions and excellent faculty.
2) Kaggle competitions made the program more interesting by involving more dimensions to the learning.

What is your advice to aspirants looking for a transition?

Understanding the basic concepts of Analytics is really important. Developing the ability to think about how analytics can change the current boring job and start practising with small graphs in MS Excel would also help your career. Focus on case studies and knowledge of domains is necessary too (industries like healthcare, finance, retail etc.). Apart from the class training, self-learning will help you more as self-help is the best help. Solve more competitions over kaggle and join as many free webinars as possible on the hot topic of “Data Science”.
Thank you Great Learning for helping me in my career transition from a non-analytics to a proper analytics field. Kudos to the effort both by the students and the faculty and the immense support from the program office. A big thank you again!
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