You can choose to upskill at any age and any stage in your career. Read about Srinivasan’s journey with Great Learning’s Data Science and Business Analytics Course.

I am Srinivasan Ananthraman, currently working for Ashland Inc. with a total experience of 14 years. I wanted to up-skill myself in an emerging education of high relevance to the current knowledge economy. Data science is one of drivers of the fourth industrial revolution. I did not want to be left behind.

There is an interesting story behind my capstone project. A client of international repute in public healthcare monitoring and funding were looking to launch a massive contraceptive program in India and wanted to understand the factors associated with contraceptive use to make informed decisions. The idea was to understand the key factors that are associated with contraceptive usage among married women which would help in focused intervention by policy and program makers to enhance the usage rates.

During the capstone project, we analyzed contraceptive usage across five states of India using
a nationally representative survey data set of 11 million records. We were able to understand the differential impact of socio-demographic, economic and behavioral variables on the contraceptive usage at the state-level.

“It has widened my horizon of thinking and approaching data-related problems in my organization in my functional role. I am comfortable of handling data at scale and delivering over and beyond expectations on such projects.”

We had to work extra hard to understand the nuances of data cleaning and interpretation for such a massive data. We had to validate our strategy even before we started working full steam to avoid taking the wrong path. We were glad that we were able to overcome these bottlenecks efficiently with our mentor’s expert guidance. Based on our insights, the client was able to launch a high value follow on project of creating region specific advertisements to encourage contraceptive usage among married women.

The capstone project is a milestone in a learner’s career. It helps in application of the theoretical principles that we learn during the program in a practical, time-bound setting. Successful completion of the capstone gives an immense sense of satisfaction and confidence to step into the corporate world armed with a prestigious degree.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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