Data Science and Business Analytics is constantly evolving. Taking up a course to learn these concepts will help you advance in your career. Read about Ashish’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in his own words.

A commerce graduate with 15+ years experience in leading all aspects of process & quality management, change readiness, automation and learning & development. Currently employed with Optum global solution as Automation Engagement Director, responsible for deploying automation across the segment. I am blessed with a 6 year old son, Aditya. We reside in Hyderabad, in the southern part of India. I love to travel, ride motorcycles and drive cars as my hobby.

I had spent a few months in the Enterprise Readiness role, leading segment portfolio assessing & mitigating risk for client onboarding and new product launch and I do not possess any experience in core technology.

During my stint in quality and readiness, I had several automation ideas which were related to predictive analysis. I always kept myself updated and am aware of the latest tools and technologies available in the market. This helped me realize that data science would not only help me execute such ideas, but also build and implement my own ideas in the future. This would also help the inquisitive and curious side of me that always wanted to learn new skills. 

I had many ideas that would have helped the business to improve efficiency at large scale using cognitive and predictive programs. Selling proposed solutions to business stakeholders is as difficult as selling a product in the open market. With hardly or any knowledge about how predictive solutions can be developed, it was difficult for me to explain the business in their language.

Helpless and frustrated, I tried selling my proposed solution to every business stakeholder where it would be applicable and yet came out with no concrete acceptance.

Absolutely, initial win for me to act as a consultant for my previous department, Quality team. I was able to explain and sell the idea on how predictive modelling and clustering can help them to perform quality checks where it is required the most thus allowing them to be more efficient rather than having a global approach in all areas.

While the technical/Architect team is designing a solution for a given business problem, I am able to participate and contribute through my understanding about the problem, augmenting it with Analytics. As a result we were able to create a solution which impacts the consumer and employees both. The development of these solutions are in progress at this moment, I am certain these will result in efficiency gain and a value to add to end users. Since I hail from automation, I can confidently say that we save about $10Mn deploying cognitive and analytical solutions for a segment consisting of 10,000 FTEs and this number is on the rise as I share the information.

Domain knowledge and Analytical skills are a great tool in my arsenal that help me stand out in the crowd. This unique ability has given me visibility in the organization and a stepping stone to move into either Data science  stream or Analytics in the same organization I work with.

Analytics is an ongoing process of acquiring knowledge and this is just the beginning. However a strong base is must to build a tall and appreciating career, it is possible through fundamental courses like Great Learning’s PGP in Data science and business analytics. Many of my colleagues and friends have completed Data scientist courses from other institutions and to my realisation there is a substantial gap between what we learn at Great Learning and other institutes. I would recommend one to surrender to the curriculum, participate in each event and go through each course religiously, you shall have a fundamentally robust data science and analytics’ base to move further on the desired path.

For more such success stories, watch this space.



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