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Top Artificial Intelligence Investors of 2024

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Top AI Investors in 2024

2022 saw some big investments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The biggest takeaway from this year’s investment is, perhaps, that businesses around the world are banking on AI like never before since a lot of the big companies are actively funding research in the domain.

  • Softbank and LPs Invest in AI

Softbank and limited partners Microsoft, Apple and Foxconn had announced the second Vision fund this year. This $108 billion funding includes a hefty $38 billion from Softbank Group alone. The series of Vision Fund has received 62% returns till date. With the most recent investment, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research is expected to reach new heights.

AI Investment by MIT
  • MIT Commits to $1.1 Billion for AI Research

MIT committed towards a $1.1 Billion for MIT Schwarzman College of Computing in September 2019. A part of this fund ($350 million) came from Stephen Schwarzman, chairman, CEO and co-founder of global asset manager Blackstone. The college of computing’s research will focus on providing transformative solutions for global problems at scale. The new campus is expected to be completed by 2022. 

  • Microsoft Invested in OpenAI 

Towards the beginning of this year, Microsoft invested $1 Billion in OpenAI. This is undoubtedly a big investment which can lead to bigger AIML developments. For now, Microsoft is focusing on building an OpenAI platform that will create new AI technologies and improve artificial general intelligence. This investment will also fund Azure Cloud credits and general AI infrastructure. 

  • Russia Raises $2 Billion for AI Research

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) raised money from foreign investors worth $2 billion to aid domestic companies in their AI research. These Russian companies in question are working towards developing Artificial Intelligence solutions that can power futuristic business needs.  

IBM Invests in AI
  • IBM Invested $2 Billion towards AI Research

IBM is investing heavily into its new AI research hub based in New York. This AI Hardware Centre will look into areas concerning computer-chip research, development, prototyping, testing and simulation. This centre of research aims at boosting the growth of emerging technologies.

  • Volkswagen Invested $2.6 billion in AI Startup

With driving automation taking the automobile industry by a storm, Volkswagen invested $2.6 billion in a startup in self-driving. Argo AI is doing some phenomenal work in autonomous mobility. Based out of Pittsburg, Argo AI has already gathered a lot of support from other automobile companies like Ford in the past.

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