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    Business Analytics job roles greatlearning

    6 Types of Business Analytics Jobs

    Much like business administration, business management and other types of business programs, business analytics jobs run the gamut from database administrator to data scientist and everything in between. According to...
    fashion big data great learning

    How the Fashion Industry is Using Data Science

    Retail has historically been one of the slowest sectors to adopt new technological advances, but when Amazon came along and beat them at their own game by using things like machine learning and artificial...
    Fourth industrial revolution or industrie 4.0

    Industrie 4.0 Decoded

    Industrie 4.0 popularly known as the fourth industrial revolution, is a concept and a trend that aims at taking the manufacturing industry to the next level using futuristic technologies such as the Internet of...

    5 Interview Questions Aspiring Big Data Analysts Should Be Able to Answer

    IBM predicts demand for Big Data Analysts and Scientists will soar to 28% by 2020. It is reason enough for many young professionals to up-skill themselves to pick up Big Data concepts. However, that...
    Opportunities for IT Professionals

    The Way Ahead – Opportunities for IT Professionals

    The current IT landscape is in a phase of transition with strong emphasis on ‘Scale to Skill’ changes in business requirements. Hari Nair, Co-Founder, Great Learning and Director Admissions, explains why it’s time to evolve and re-skill...