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deep learning for computer vision

Computer Vision: Deep Learning Approach

Deep Learning in Computer Vision Welcome to the second article in the computer vision series. The article intends to get a heads-up on the basics of deep learning for...
Natural Language Processing Tutorial

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tutorial: A Step by Step Guide

Artificial Intelligence.How did Natural Language Processing come to exist?How does Natural Language Processing work? Why Natural Language Processing is important?Why is advancement in the field of Natural Language Processing necessary?What can Natural...

Artificial Intelligence versus Machine Learning versus Deep Learning

The heading of this article comprises of the most searched keywords on Google today in the field of computer science. Every scholar, researcher has very high hopes and plans to solve the problems on...
CNN Architectures

Convolutional Neural Network Model Architectures and Applications

Do you usually wonder what CNN architectures are doing? How are random layers stacked and how are such huge architectures designed? Before we move on to a case study, we will understand...