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    Lalithnarayan is a Tech Writer and avid reader amazed at the intricate balance of the universe. Trying to understand the world through artificial intelligence to get better insights.
    Palindrome Function in Python

    Palindrome in Python: Check Palindrome Number, What is Palindrome and Examples

    A Palindrome is a phrase which remains exactly the same when reversed.
    Fibonacci Series

    Fibonacci Series in Python | Python Program for Fibonacci Numbers

    Fibonacci Series is a pattern where any number is a sum of previous two numbers

    Computer Vision: A Case Study- Transfer Learning

    The conclusion to the series on computer vision talks about the benefits of transfer learning and how anyone can train networks with reasonable accuracy. Usually, articles and tutorials on the web don’t...
    prime numbers

    Prime Numbers Program In Python

    What is prime number?Is 1 a prime number?Co-prime numbers Smallest and Largest prime numbersPython Program for prime numbers What is a prime number?...
    low level vision

    Computer Vision: Low-level Vision

    Image ProcessingWhat happens if we increase the number of bits in an image?TranslationRe-sizingRotationWhat are the different colour spaces available?Where is Grey-colour Space useful?The Fourier TransformWhat are the advantages derived in the...