The current state of the job market, globally and in India, is in a state of upheaval. There are new advancements in existing technologies that demand that professionals be aware of all the changes, and some technologies are completely changing the nature of certain professions. To put that in context, the World Economic Forum estimates that 65% [1] of children entering primary school now will be working in jobs that do not currently exist.  
Each working professional is now aware that they need to be constantly learning in order to stay relevant in the work-force and secure their future careers. But what they choose to learn is also very important. Nobody wants to be stuck with a pager when the entire world uses cellphones. This also applies to freshers and early-career professionals, who need to build the right skills so that they don’t waste time working in domains that may soon become obsolete.
At Great Learning, we’ve seen over 10,000 learners who have transitioned to rewarding careers in domains that we are sure would build the future. We’ve specifically chosen to design programs in these domains, after extensive research on long-term growth prospects and employment opportunities that will be made available in the future.
We’re using that data we have to list out the various options for you based on your experience and interests.

Best Options to Upskill Yourself with Bright Future

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
The World Economic Forum has estimated that 75 million jobs will be displaced by AI by 2022. But it’s also going to add 133 million jobs in the same time frame[2]. That’s a net gain of 58 million jobs that will be available for qualified professionals. In addition to the availability of jobs, there’s a massive shortage of AI professionals in India, because 76% of companies[3] say they have trouble implementing AI due to lack of qualified employees. When this huge demand is combined with AI influencing every other domain, it’s an obvious choice for anyone wanting to work with a technology of the future. Great Learning offers 3 programs in this domain:
PGP-Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – A 12-month comprehensive program that will make you an AI expert.
PGP-Machine Learning – A 7-month program that covers Machine Learning exhaustively with some context about Artificial Intelligence.
Deep Learning Certificate Program – A 3-month certificate program for professionals with experience in AI and ML, to gain an in-depth understanding of Deep Learning.

Here is a video explaining what is Artificial Intelligence from the ground up

2.Business Analytics and Data Science
Business Analytics and Data Science
No business in the present market place can afford to ignore Analytics right now, because they need data-driven decision making to improve their outcomes. Data Analytics is also now ubiquitous because even domains that seemed impervious to data analytics are now adopting them, such as law, defence, HR, in addition to the increased adoption by analytics-driven industries such as finance, logistics, internet companies and so on.  
This domain also suffers from a similar problem of a lack of qualified professionals, leading to over 97,000 jobs [4] being vacant in India. which can be filled after taking one of these programs:
PGP-Business Analytics & Business Intelligence – This 12-month program requires no prior technical expertise and teaches you all you need to know about Business Analytics in an industry context. This program is better suited for professionals with a few years of experience.
PGP-Data Science & Engineering – This is a program aimed at fresh graduates and early-career professionals to help them launch their careers. This is a full-time program that offers immersive learning in a classroom format.
Business Analytics Certificate Program – This is a certificate program that’s aimed at beginners to learn the basics of Business Analytics. Since this is an online program, learners will have a flexible learning experience.
3.Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing and DevOps
Cloud Computing forms the backbone of data delivery and management, as it offers great flexibility and cost-effectiveness to organisations. Cloud computing has grown over the past decade to make data accessible to everyone, and the future of cloud computing hinges on remotely delivering hardware capabilities. Cloud computing has already phased out CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives and pen drives as the preferred mode of storage, and they’re only getting started. This bodes well for people looking to get into cloud computing to further their careers, because India is poised to see over 1 million cloud jobs by 2022, according to IDC [5]. Here’s how you can upskill:
Cloud Computing Program – This is a 6-month online program that will teach you to become a cloud architect. The program comes with an optional Developer track certificate offered to professionals with prior programming experience. Learners can choose to build expertise in AWS, Google Cloud or Azure.
Devops Certificate ProgramThis DevOps program teaches professionals the practice of building and deploying systems in the cloud. At the end of this online program, learns will become competent DevOps engineers.
4. Cybersecurity
As more systems move online, there’s a larger requirement for keeping all information and services safe and secure. Critical operations such as banking, defence all have cutting-edge security systems, and the same degree of security is trickling down to other domains as well. In the light of recent privacy concerns, every organisation that holds any data are looking keenly to improve their security measures. This gives rise to an opportunity for professionals to upskill in cybersecurity and launch their careers. The Asia-Pacific region alone has a shortage of 2.14 million cyber security professionals[6]. This program will ensure that become well-versed in cybersecurity:
Stanford Advanced Cyber Security CourseThis 6-month online program is a program by the Stanford Centre for Professional Development, delivered by Great Learning. It features course content and online videos from Stanford faculty and helps learners transition to a career in cybersecurity.
5. Full Stack Development
Full Stack Development
As more companies look to increase their software capabilities, Full Stack Developers and in demand because they can look at a system holistically and troubleshoot any errors that may arise.  Since they are familiar with both the front-end and the back-end they’re well-suited to participate in the end-to-end process of building and managing applications. Reports have estimated a 20% growth in jobs making it an in-demand job profile in India [7].
Advanced Software Engineering – This online program teaches all aspects of Full Stack Development and is perfectly suited for early career professionals with at least 1 year of experience, who are looking to gain relevant skills set that will set them up for career success.
6. Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing certificate program online
With increased online digital ad spending by almost all companies, the digital marketing space has seen explosive growth over the past decade. Every company needs to maintain a digital presence, which increases the demand for Digital Marketing professionals. Digital Marketing has ample growth opportunities in a wide variety of skills such as Email marketing, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, SEO/SEM and much more, so learners have the freedom to choose to specialise in the vertical that resonates the most with them, which this program will help with:
PGP – Strategic Digital MarketingThis 5-month online program covers a wide range of Digital Marketing skills, and helps learners become a well-rounded Digital Marketing professional.

The skills and domains described on this page are without a doubt the technologies that will build our future and dictate the course of human progress. Depending on your experience, and of these skills will definitely set you up for career success, provided you put in the work to learn concepts and apply them to real-world problems.
All the programs that listed here use real-world projects to instil the theory you’ve learnt. They also have industry experts who will give you useful insights into how you can apply what you’ve learnt to solve real-world problems. Career guidance is also included in the form of interview preparation, CV building, access to exclusive job opportunities and 1-to-1 mentorship.



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