I wanted to learn Cloud Computing In-Depth – I am working on Cloud / Digital platform in SAP Labs and I wanted to learn things from the market and get to know about it end-to-end. I felt like I only know the layer I work on and needed to understand all the layers. It is one thing to work on applications and totally another to have a clear understanding of how the entire product and the management of it works. With Great Lakes PG Program in Cloud Computing, I gained complete knowledge of cloud computing and learned AWS and Azure.

Great Lakes PG Program in Cloud Computing (PGPCC) is the most exhaustive program available – The best thing about the program is that it is a detailed one, where no aspects of Cloud remain unexplored. This gives the participants exposure to a plethora of applications. A developer knows exactly what is required in a project and can move forward with confidence. Now I have a clear view of the platform and understand the infrastructure, how and where the data goes, and what happens in the layers.
PGPCC changed my perspective towards online programs – Honestly, I have the biggest change in the perspective towards the online program. I have always imagined online programs to be one-dimensional and boring, PGPCC is a highly interactive program where I could ask questions at any time and get all my doubts clarified. I had access to videos all the time in their learning application portal (Olympus) and it was so easy to go through the course content at any given time. I never lost interest in the program throughout, thanks to the preview of the sessions that kept us excited for upcoming content.
I felt supported throughout the program – While the onus to learn through a program is solely on the learner, PGPCC’s dedicated team of experts, program managers, and the entire support system kept us motivated and made the experience worthwhile. All we had to do was reach out and we would get an immediate resolution to all our problems. If there was clarity required to execute a project, the team would do its best to avail us the details at the earliest. Response from Deepak (Program Manager) and his team was so great that we felt highly engaged throughout the program. Towards the end, a ticketing system was also started which was very helpful.
My Advice to Aspirants would be to just go for the program if they want to learn everything – You don’t need to know programming at an advanced level and you will still be able to master cloud by the end of the program. All you need to get started is a basic understanding of product management and some experience in your industry. There is a learning curve and you get enough time to understand and learn things, there is no need to panic. The program is flexible enough to accommodate candidates who need to start learning at a very basic level and those who want to move on to the advanced levels. The projects are also designed accordingly.



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