To stay relevant with the constantly changing industry, it is important to upskill and improve your skills. Read about Prabhakar Pandey’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course

Tell us about your professional background.

Before joining this course, I worked as a Financial Risk Manager at Bank of America in Gurgaon. I realized that I must grow with the current trends, and I need to upskill myself from an Analyst to a Data Scientist. And that’s when I planned to join this DSBA course. 

Why Great Learning?

A friend of mine who did this course in 2013-2014 suggested this course. These days the entire industry is evolving, and I always want to stay updated. I found this course curriculum extremely relevant and it befitted my requirements too. Also, I have seen my friend evolving through this course, and that is what has inspired me.

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How was your experience with the course?

I have learned a lot through the Data Science and Business Analytics course. And I am sure that in the future this will help me grow. Although I have changed my organization, the course has helped me in understanding a lot about this subject. The interactions within the diversified groups in the classes have helped me a lot in building that confidence and understanding. We interacted with different people who have different work experiences and helped all of us in creating a network apart from learning.

What did you think about the course curriculum?

The curriculum structure was quite detailed and in-depth. I learned a lot. I received everything that I signed up for. The career support provided was quite helpful too, and I was able to attend interviews. 

Any advice for the future PGP- DSBA aspirants?

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to join. I would also suggest you put in the hard work and learn additionally. Put in the effort to learn concepts on your own too. 



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