Data Science has taken over the world. Almost every industry is leveraging the benefits of Data Science. Upskilling in this domain can be helpful for your career. Read about Barath’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering Course

Why did you decide to upskill?

When I joined the PGP- DSE course at Great Learning, Chennai, I did not have a clue what to expect from the course except for the fact that I will get into a data science career. But the course has given me a new perspective on data science. Right from the first class, I was learning a lot of new things. It gave me both confidence and concern at the same time. Some concepts felt alien and hard to understand but the faculty and the support team made sure that I understood the concepts clearly. Statistics by Syan Dev made me understand how interesting stats could be. I previously assumed it to be a boring subject. Machine learning was the breakthrough call for me. Machine learning inspired me to explore the topic. I came to realize Machine learning is a big ocean. It inspired me to delve deep into it.

How was your experience with the PGP- DSE course?

Guru, Prince, Meena & Priya helped me a lot by providing a laptop while I was having troubles, by clarifying my doubts in stats and ML. I would credit them for playing a big part in my learning process. If I know something in data science, it is because of them. Their assignments and revision classes before the interim exams helped me a lot. The career team headed by Vikalp Sir was very helpful in this career transition of mine.

On Fridays, the career prep classes were the classes to look forward to. Professor Saravanan helped me a lot with his topics like guesstimates, group discussions, and business case studies, and these topics helped me to build some confidence in me. He helped me fix my resume. He also provided very helpful examples. Professor Sukdev helped me a lot to get a job in Aaum analytics. He was there from start to finish and guided me through the process. I am grateful to him. I was weak in aptitude and the weekly aptitude tests by Amit Sir helped me to strengthen my aptitude skills. 

I thank great learning for providing me the knowledge and career in data science. I would share my experience of great learning to the people who are having doubts regarding a career in data science. Thank you.

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