A career transition can be challenging, and hence it is essential to learn and gain from experts in the field. Here is how Prakash Oranon benefited from Great Learning’s AIML Course

Tell us about your professional background.

I have around 15 years of industry experience and am currently working as a Software Engineer with Baxter Innovations, a healthcare company. I majorly work on Java, service-oriented architecture and Big Data to some extent. 

Why Great Learning?

Before enrolling for the course, I started learning AIML through various online courses available in the market. I have been working on Java for the last 15 years and wanted to learn something different. When I started the online courses, I realized that I was getting distracted easily and was unable to focus on learning. This is when I started looking for a program where I can learn everything, end-to-end. I came across two options and felt that Great Learning was the better choice. It had a classroom program and this would help me focus and study well. That’s why I chose the AIML program at Great Learning. 

What did you like the most about PGP- AIML?

The faculty was really good in terms of their knowledge and experience. The way they imparted the training was really good. Moreover, it was a classroom-based program where I could ask questions at any point in time. The capstone project was extremely helpful. GL Excelerate is a great platform through which industry experts guide us. They regularly post jobs where I could apply for relevant roles. The e-portfolio is another great feature that proved to be beneficial. Overall, I can say that it was a great experience.

How did you manage to balance learning with a full-time job?

Given the fact that I am a working professional who works for 8 hours, it was difficult in the beginning. Slowly, I started making an effort 2-3 days each week. I was staying alone as my family is based out of Kolkata. This helped me focus more on my studies and submit my assignments on time. I wanted to transition within my organisation but had just started taking additional responsibilities three months ago. I was reading articles and was preparing for interviews parallelly. Despite having other responsibilities, I was able to balance the PGP- AIML course with the combined effort of the faculty and my efforts. 

How did you transition to an AI role in UST Global?

I was applying for relevant jobs posted by GL and was looking out on my own as well. I applied for UST Global via GL’s job portal and was shortlisted for Skype interviews after clearing the hackathon round. I was majorly tested on Machine learning topics during the technical rounds. I will be joining their innovation team as a solutions architect where I will be majorly working on NLP. I was selected because of my vast industry experience and computer science background even though I don’t come from an ML background.

Do you have any advice for AIML aspirants?

They should start with a strong determination. They should dedicate time to start with the fundamentals of maths, stats, probability, etc. Apart from what is being taught, put in efforts and study well. That is how one can become an AI professional eventually.

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