Data Science and Analytics has grown to be one of the most emerging technologies in the present world. Choosing to upskill in these domains can advance your career as more recruiters are looking for individuals with data science skills. Whether you are just starting your career or working for several years, the industry calls for constant upskilling. Read further to learn about Praitk’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering Course

Tell us about your professional background.

I am a BE. Mechanical Engineer, 2017, pass-out. I had about one year of work experience where I was working at Tata Motors. I was working purely in the manufacturing/production unit. I am currently working at LiquiLoans as a Jr Data scientist. 

Why did you decide to upskill?

The trend in the mechanical background has not been positive for a few years now. I had some exposure to analytics and research and development while working at Tata Motors. This is when I looked into data science and researched more about it. Data Science caught my eye, and I decided to move into this field. Simultaneously, I got the opportunity to work at Atos in an HR analytics profile, and I got good hands-on exposure in this area. Due to this, I wanted to learn more about data and data wrangling. And this is when I came across an advertisement for Great Learning on Instagram.   

Why Great Learning?

I had earlier planned to do an MS in Germany. But due to certain circumstances and time constraints, I realised that I couldn’t take up a two-year course. I was looking for other classroom programs that were of a shorter duration. This is when I came across Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Engineering Course and also realised that Great Learning had established its name in the area of professional learning. 

What did you like the most about the course?

For a beginner who doesn’t have much computer science background, I would say that some of the faculty are good. Representatives and coordinators were good too. I had an overall good experience. 

This brings us to the end of the blog on Bhavesh’s journey with Great Learning. We hope that this was helpful for you and inspires you to do well. For more such success stories, watch this space. 



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