Once you make up your mind that you want to achieve a particular goal, you can work towards it with clarity. Read further to learn about Gyandeep’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in his own words.

I have an overall experience of 3.5 years in IT. I have worked as a project management lead and have led a Data Analyst team of Business Intelligence domain. I have successfully completed my PGP-DSBA program while pursuing my MBA from Xavier University, Bhubaneswar.

Before joining PGP-DSBA, I was working as a Software engineer where my role was lead-project management to handle a cross-functional team. Before joining, while I was working as a Team Lead, I realized that I need to know every single detail of data science, and data visualization if I had to handle a cross-functional team consisting of data mining to DV.

So, when I joined MBA, @XUB, I realized now the business is data driven and for which I need to deep dive into data science, and business analytics. So, I googled a lot about some online courses which are feasible for me in terms of time. So, there were many weekend-online options available on the internet. But, whatever I searched I found Great learning at the top of all the institutions. For me, the course curriculum and the timing mattered a lot, which GL satisfied.

When you go through monologues video content available in the course, you definitely have many questions/ doubts in your mind. Now, who do you ask? Here, in Great learning, learners are assigned with mentored learning sessions to clarify all the doubts one may have. Personally, it was important for me because when I had less time to spend on this course, I definitely needed a mentor instead of me going and searching everywhere on the internet. It not only saved my time but also cleared some of my misconceptions I already had prior to joining.

The quality of the mentored learning session is very nice as there are only 10-15 learners in each session. Here, you not only get knowledge from a Data Science Guru, but also get peer learning from the diversified industries.

There is a saying, “Until you do it by yourself, you can’t understand the depth”. So, in a mentoring session, it may feel like you are getting everything, but in reality, when you work on a dataset by yourself, you understand what real challenges you may get. At these times the support from a mentor plays a vital role.

In single word, confidence. Then clarity on each of the concepts related to Data Science and Business Analytics.

There are several myths going around on analytics. One is without prior knowledge of coding you cannot advance with analytics. The second is mathematical knowledge is a must for analytics.

Trust me, these are just myths. Don’t listen to all these stories. You can do it, if you can give time and patience to the course. Dedication is the most important thing you need for anything you want to learn.

Great Learning’s program is so structured that one can easily understand the concepts while learning the codes smoothly. I would definitely recommend GL’s courses. Happy Learning! And all the best.



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