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2020 saw many people losing their jobs due to the COVID situation. But as now things are getting better in 2021, we are seeing a bounce in the job market. With the employment picture correcting its course in the US, the maximum jobs generated are in the technology sector. The US unemployment rate fell from 6.3% in Jan to 6.2% in Feb, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics report released in Feb 2021. These signs of slow but steady rates in employment are giving tech enthusiasts around the US encouragement to upgrade their skill-set or even move into a new field!

And with technology at the forefront of this increase in employment rates, we’ve picked up high-paying jobs in the US for the year 2021.

Here we have selected 6 jobs from the tech industry, in the US that continue to give employees a high arc of growth, job satisfaction, and a good salary. 

1. Java developer

We’ve all read those debates on social forums wherein people question which is the best programming language. Even though Python, Swift, Javascript and other programming languages are witnessing a growth in terms of their popularity, Java is used the most by businesses worldwide. A Java developer is adept in JSP, servlets, web frameworks like Struts and Spring, web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and markup languages like JSON and XML. These professionals are involved in the development of the entire product life cycle and integrating Java into business applications, websites and software.

This brings us to the job role of a Java Developer being amongst the high paying jobs in the US. The median base salary for this role is US $90,830* with a job satisfaction rating of 4.2/5. Currently, there are 10,103 job openings for Java developers across the US.

2. Data Scientist

Data science is an evolving domain. Thanks to the amount of data present in the digital age with an estimate of 4.66 billion people using the Internet at the start of 2021, there are around 319 million new users who came online in the last twelve months. This means more data and a higher requirement of collecting, cleaning and analyzing large sets of structured and unstructured data to derive actionable insights. A data scientist is well versed with Statistics, Data Analysis, Programming languages like Python, concepts of Deep learning, and data visualization.

Data Scientist is another high paying job in the US with a median base salary of US $113,736* and a job satisfaction rating of 4.1/5. Currently, there are 5,971 job openings for data scientists across the US.

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3. Software Engineer

The role of a Software Engineer continues to remain a high paying job in the US. If you are someone who is good at coding and computer programming, possesses knowledge of object-oriented design, takes keen interest in software development, software testing and debugging, then this is the right job role for you. Additionally, as a software engineer has to interact with multiple teams, good written and oral communication is a must. Excellent problem solving and approaching a problem logically also make for a good software engineer.

The median base salary for a software engineer in the US is US $110,245* with the job satisfaction rating of 3.8/5. Currently, there are 40,564 openings in the US for this profile.

4. Product Manager

The job of a project manager is one of the high paying jobs in the US. A project manager is the one who is responsible for product planning and its marketing. This means that this professional is involved in managing the product throughout its lifecycle: right from gathering product and customer requirements to defining its vision and working with other teams to deliver a superb product.

A project manager should have technical expertise, strong communication, research skills, business, marketing and analytical skills.

The median base salary for a product manager in the US is US $121,107*, with a      job satisfaction rating of 3.9/5. There are 14,515 vacancies for project managers in the US.

5. Automation engineers

The job role of an automation engineer has gained momentum in recent years. Basically, an automation engineer id focused on service automation and QA testing of the process. The goal of this activity is to remove errors, defects, and any problems with the product’s development. An automation engineer has good experience of Configuration Management (CM) Software, developing methodology. coding, scripting and troubleshooting.

The median base salary for this role in the US is US $86,445* and it has a job satisfaction rating of 4.1/5. Currently, there are 4,123 vacancies for automation engineers in the US.

6. Machine learning engineers

A machine learning engineer is responsible for creating machine learning models and retraining the systems. They are the ones who design machine learning systems, research and implement all the essential ML algorithms and tools, run machine learning tests and experiments, and keep themselves updated with the development in this rapidly growing field.

To become a machine learning engineer, you need to have a sound understanding of math, probability, statistics, should be able to write code in Python, Java or R, and should also have a proper understanding of data structures, data modeling, software architecture, and natural language processing.

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The median base salary for this role in the US is US $104,837* and it has a job satisfaction rating of 4.1/5. Currently, there are 2,977 vacancies for machine learning engineers in the US.

Wrapping Up

This was the list of 6 high paying jobs in the US for the year 2021. As demand for tech professionals is growing, you should focus on the career role that excites you the most and get a proper certification in it.

Let us know about the role that excited you the most in the comment section.



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