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Launched in 2011, Snapchat might not have as much of a strong user base as other social media marketing giants, but creating content on this decade-old (almost) platform is not like any other. Through this application, users [occasionally known as Snapchatters] can expect to see behind-the-scenes content they can not find anywhere else, and exposure to authentic and unpolished versions of your brand. However, like others, you will also need a foundational understanding of how Snapchat works to excel in this marketing technique. 

If you are not sure about using Snapchat for your business, then continue reading this blog as it will provide you with more insights on Snapchat Geofilters and lenses. 

  1. Lenses
  2. Geofilters
  3. Successful Snapchat Marketing Case Studies
  4. Benefits of Snapchat Marketing 
  5. Essentials Snapchat Marketing Tips that you Should Know


When you click pictures on Snapchat, do you ever find lenses where your head appears like a taco, or find a rainbow coming out of your mouth? These are the 3D world lenses that are available when users switch to the outward-facing camera. Initially and for a short period, only brands with massive marketing budgets could utilize sponsored Snapchat lenses. But now anybody can make the most of the technology using Lens Studio, a software by Snapchat, to design lenses. Once a brand develops its 3D world lenses, they then submit it to Snapchat. Further, Snapchat creates a unique Snap code that anyone can scan. Once the filter is unlocked (after 24 hours), you can snap and share. 

The best example of Snapchat lense implementation for promotional use is 2020 Superbowl brands like Mountain Dew, Doritos and Pepsi. They created a sponsored AR lens for Snapchat, which acted as an extension of their TV ads that played during the Super Bowl. With this strategy, they were able to create a wider audience for their products. 

Snapchat even collaborated with Amazon Prime Video for its web series – Four More Shots Please! Under the collaboration, Snapchat launched a new Snappable AR Lens that will transform your girl gang of four into the cast of the series.

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An image overlay added to snaps, Geofilters feature a company’s messaging, logo, precise location, or other unique imagery. 

Initially, users could create on-demand Geofilters to mark a special occasion; however, now Snapchat offers the brand a capability to create its Geofilters. The unique part of using the on-demand filter is that everyone in your community can use them to commemorate a particular event. 

Before using a Geofilter, there are some rules to be followed. Businesses must follow some Terms of Use when creating a Geofilter. Also, brands can not use illegal drugs or illegal activities in Geofilters.

Successful Snapchat Marketing Case Studies 

  • Red Bull: 

In 2015, Red Bull, an energy drink company, collaborated with the Canadian snowboarder and X Games champion Mark McMorris. He [Mark] took control of the Red Bull Snapchat account to let users see inside his extreme sports lifestyle. Red Bull takes pride in supporting an extreme lifestyle, and the decision to pair with an athlete proved to be right for them. Involving McMorris in the campaign also helped Red Bull reach the loyal fan base. 

  • Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer collaborated with Snapchat to create a branded picture overlay that allowed shoppers in the store to use custom Geofilters with the brand’s signature patterns. The initiative helped in achieving a sense of exclusivity to the campaign. 

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Benefits of Snapchat Marketing 

Since its launch, Snapchat has evolved more than just an application to share fun pictures with friends. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of Snapchat marketing. 

  • Helps with Gaining Exposure

As per Business Insider, out of the 158 million people who use Snapchat every day, an average user opens and checks the app [Snapchat] 18 times per day, totalling about 25-30 minutes spent on the app per day. Also, as per Hootsuite, 82% of users on Snapchat are 34 years old or younger.

  • Make the most of the less competition 

Businesses tend to gravitate towards Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for their social media marketing, making it hard for new or small businesses to stand out among the competition. They are slowly and gradually realizing the benefits of marketing, but they are not pretty much there, which is a benefit in and of itself! 

Essentials Snapchat Marketing Tips that you Should Know 

Now that you know some of the benefits of Snapchat and how companies have been making most of this platform for marketing purposes, it is now time to have a look at some tips to consider to create an effective marketing strategy: 

1) Let your audience know that you are now on chat 

The first step is to let your audience know that you are now available on Snapchat. The platform works slightly differently from other social media channels. That is why you should use different ways to spread the word. You can create a unique ‘add me’ URL or generate a snap code, a badge that works like a QR code to let users find the filters, lenses, and content of your brand.

2) Track Snapchat Marketing Metrics

Keep an eye on Snapchat Metrics, a built-in analytics tool to see who is viewing your content, understand what content is performing well, and drive a Snapchat strategy that works. You should track the following primary metrics to see if your Snapchat Marketing strategy works or nor, like:

  • Views: Track the story views on your brand per week. You can also see how much time users spend viewing your post.
  • Reach: Swipe through the carousel and see how many people watch your content. 

You can also use third-party analytics tools for the detailed report. 

PS: Every Snapchat user can not access. Presently, this feature is available to accounts with large followers.  

3) Interact with other influencers/brands: 

Be it Snapchat, Facebook or any other social media platform, Influencer Marketing is the ultimate rule to gain followers for your marketing campaign. But here’s a plot twist: On other social media websites, you can share a post from another’s brand id/account. This is not the case on Snapchat. Due to split-screen design, you will have to engage with them by viewing their snaps, following other Snapchatters and Viewing any Snaps to engage on this platform. 

4) Make the most of the AR Lenses

As per a report published by Snapchat, 75% of Snapchat users engage with augmented reality every day. 

AR lenses change the way users experience the world as they superimpose animals, graphics and digital effects on the top of a real-life image. By creating an AR lens, you can reach customers looking for new, fun lenses to play and interact. It also boosts the reorganization of the brand.  

5) Keep Yourself Updated with Latest Features 

Now and then, Snapchat introduces additional new features that are quirky and creative. Some of them are: 

  • Snapchat Cameras: This feature takes account of a user’s face and pastes it onto numerous animations and graphics.
  • 3D Snaps: The feature introduced by Snapchat brings the picture to come alive by some additional dimension. 


Now that you know some of the benefits of Snapchat marketing and exciting features that it offers, it’s time to make the most of this platform for marketing your business. Before you start snapping (working on Snapchat marketing), if you wish to know more about such techniques, apply for the PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing, offered by Great Lakes Executive Learning. You can drop all the queries in the comment box below. Also, if you know about some interesting Snapchat strategies, then let us know by commenting below. 



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