Digital marketing case studies

Digital marketing is a vast platform that offers a wide range of opportunities to those who know how to make use of them. It makes it easier for the brands to connect with their audience and consumers and also helps their consumers understand their brands better by clicking with them emotionally. Emotions and feelings bind both of them in a relationship that is honest and adds loyalty to the brand value. 

Following are five of the successful digital marketing case studies that brought about good results and positive impact among the audience. We hope that you are able to learn more with the help of these digital marketing case studies.

1. Lays- #SmileDekeDekho 


Case Summary:

Lay’s is a potato chips initiative from the parent company PepsiCo that initiated the ‘Smile Deke Dekho campaign’ in October 2019. The unique selling proposal was that the brand promoted the message of how a simple smile can connect different individuals universally and simultaneously convey the emotions and the mood effortlessly through each flavour and packet of chips. The uniqueness of the initiative was engaging the influencers on various social platforms in advertising the brand for them. Not only that Lay’s customised more than 350 curated packs for the Influencers.

Resulting reverberation-

  • A feeling of personalised and customised product that is uniquely curated just for the customers
  • It is a way to connect with the consumers individually and vice versa. The campaign reinstated the power of a single smile and the power of positivity it brings. 
  • The campaign accelerated the use of social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram by asking the consumers to pose a smile with their packets of Lays.

2. Burger King

Case Summary:

Burger King is legendary when it comes to establishing their digital footprints in the space of digital marketing. Their digital campaign in the US made a pure genius marketing strategy. The constant competition among the two brand rivals, Burger King and Mc Donald’s, often caused a ripple in the waters of digital marketing space. Most brands wish to incorporate the use of the latest technologies into their marketing strategies and make optimum use of the technology. Since these are usually novice and new, some mistakes follow. 

Burger King is one such brand that does love to play with the technologies to create a marketing experience that its consumers least expect it to. Such is a marketing strategy that is weaved with voice-enabled devices. This digital campaign stressed on featuring the catchphrase of google’s voice-activated tools, “Ok, Google, what is the Whopper burger?”. And as a result, any home device that is nearer and able to hear the prompt would enable itself and read up the famous whopper burger by Burger King.

Resulting Reverberation-

  • The aim to introduce the consumers with the brand and its product, The Whopper burger became a viral success.
  • Even if the campaign wasn’t entirely a success, it did set a tone for the other brands that could not be replicated.

3. Zomato

Zomato is yet another digital food giant that could not escape but master the world of digital marketing. The brand is known to be winning hearts on social media, all due credits to its mastery in digital marketing space. Its tweets, for example, have been consistently promoting customers to brand and vice versa engagement.

Resulting Reverberation-

  • A highly interactive digital marketing platform that influences and motivates people to join the Zomato community of foodies
  • Incorporating memes and current issues have made the brand’s presence on digital media, quite remarkable and prominent.

4. Nikon

The brand Nikon launched a campaign ‘I am..’ intending to take the audiences 2

back on a nostalgic trip that is a fresh breath of air in itself. It encourages the

audience to indulge in joyful clicking than merely click pictures. Not only that, the commercial shows an array of instances like ‘I am The White Shark’ where a father captures the sight of his toddler playing with foam. The brand promotes capturing the little moments of life in a way, telling the audience to live, not merely exist.

Resulting Reverberation-

  • Help consumers and customers connect themselves with the brand.
  • Create memorable moments and inspire and promote a sense of achievement

5. Times of India

Times of India is a daily newspaper brand that is known in every household in India. But sadly it has been seen as a struggling newspaper daily having more robust digital news platforms emerge. The new digital marketing campaign by the Times of India has been raking up emotions attached to the print newspapers in every household. 

The campaign that was run was named as #NewspaperMornings. It was narrated in the voice of famous lyricist Gulzar, to the audience in the form of a short film that also featured his poem. The film conveys the message that the brand wants to reinstate in the hearts of its consumers, “Some relationships never change”. The film weaves an emotional aspect of the presence of newspapers in our lives, with the morning cup of chai, the thirst for a piece of new and unknown information as well as to be a part of the intense debate.  

The lyrics like “Bina akbhar ke, chai subah ki adhoori lagti hain…na din chadhta hain poora, na poori aankh khulti hain”, set forth the ball of nostalgia moving. 

Resulting Reverberation-

  • The campaign film collected 22 million views and above in a matter of a week over the social and digital platforms where it was shared.

This brings us to the end of the blog on successful digital marketing case studies that brought good results. This is how you or your brand can leverage digital marketing to create waves in the market today. If you wish to learn more about how to build successful brand campaigns and learn the basics of digital marketing as well, join Great Learning’s PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing by Great Learning and upskill today!



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