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  1. Essentials of a Digital Marketing Resume
  2. Digital Marketing Resume Header
  3. Digital Marketing Career Objective
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Digital Marketing Skills

Make your resume simple, meaningful and informative. There’s no reason to think that the more content you put on your resume the better. It’s actually quite the opposite. Recruiters browse through hundreds of resumes in a day. They really don’t have the time to read through the entirety of your resume, especially if you have included all kinds of elaborate details in it. 

Make a concise one page resume that highlights your accomplishments and all your relevant experiences. One-page resumes are 85% more likely to be read than a four or five pager resume. 

Now let’s break down the essentials of an unputdownable digital marketing resume:

  1. Choosing the right resume format based on your experience level
  2. Writing the career objective to align your candidature with the job opening
  3. Certifications that will make your resume stand out from the crowd

Yes, it is possible to land a job in the digital marketing industry without prior experience. The only thing to keep in mind here is how you present yourself as a candidate. Your resume is a significant tool that can be manoeuvred to your advantage. If you are a fresher in the industry with less or no experience, then choose the functional layout for your resume which emphasizes more on the skill set rather than the experience.   

In this case, you will have to list down and highlight the skillsets that match the job requirement. If you have any experience of voluntary work or internship experience, present it in the resume to showcase how you are ready for the position you are applying for. 

For professionals with experience, the format is much different with a focus on the experience rather than the skillset. Experienced professionals need to choose a classic reverse chronological format that lists down all your professional experience till date. You can of course, include your skillsets in this format, but the focus should not be taken away from the relevant work experience.  

The following elements should be included in your resume and can be changed to adapt to your level of experience:

  1. A career objective or professional summary
  2. Digital marketing work experience
  3. Digital Marketing skills
  4. Digital Marketing certifications
  5. Highest Education
  6. Achievements you are proud of

Digital Marketing Resume Header

Your resume header is the first thing that’s likely to be noticed by recruiting teams. So, make sure it offers a true insight into your professional profile. To make it effective, you can include certifications and links to your professional sites and networking profiles. Traditionally, a resume header contains your full name and contact information (phone number, email address, and residential address) but placing your networking profiles and certifications next to your name improves your chances of standing out in the crowd. It is your way of convincing the recruiter that you bring extra benefits with your candidature.

Popular certifications like Google Adwords certification, Facebook certified professional planning will add that extra bit to keep you ahead of your competition. You can also check out Great Learning’s PG Progam in Strategic Digital Marketing that helps you master digital marketing strategies in six months. This program also includes live mentorship to help you grasp industry-specific knowledge.

When it comes to professional networking sites or social media accounts, include Linkedin, and your professional website. Do not include your social media sites unless they add any value to your application. For example, if your Instagram profile doesn’t showcase anything apart from your personal life, it is better not to include it. However, if you use social media to present your creativity or your areas of interest/expertise, you can definitely include that in the header.

Digital Marketing Resume Objective or Summary

A resume summary or career objective is where you explain why you are suitable for the position. Imagine taking the most effective line from your cover letter – that would be your career objective. An insight into your professional journey, why you are interested in the position and what makes you stand out for the role. 

Write your resume summary in a lucid manner so that it also showcases your writing skills. After all, depending on your area of expertise, digital marketing also requires excellent communication skills. 

Keep your resume summary concise and specific to the job you apply. Professionals with experience can showcase how their qualification and experience makes them perfect for the role, while freshers can show how their skills and professional aspirations are aligned to the job requirement.  Hiring managers are always looking for a good fit, so customize it according to the position you are applying for.

Including Education in Your Resume

“Certifications are the new degree”

Education is a big part of your preparation for your career. However, mentioning every detail in the resume can actually make it look cumbersome. Instead, focus only on the last obtained degree or your highest education. 

While traditional degrees prepare the foundation, certifications are important to develop niche skills for any specific domain. Make sure you include relevant certifications in your resume. Since digital marketing is a fast-evolving domain, the certifications need to be recent ones. Anything that is more than 5 years old tends to be seen as outdated. 

Digital Marketing Resume Skills 

Depending on the area of your interest, there are a number of niche skills that you can showcase in your resume. Even though there are a number of openings with digital marketing requirements, companies don’t really hire digital marketers. Rather they hire digital marketing professionals with expertise in either SEO, Content marketing, social media or more. With that in mind, you need to list down all the relevant skills in your resume which could look something like the following:

  1. Writing skills
  2. SEO (on-page and off-page)
  3. CMS
  4. Strategic planning
  5. Blog hosting
  6. Paid ads
  7. Data Analysis
  8. Social Media optimization

Hope all these pointers help you in building a stellar Digital Marketing resume. Upskill with Great Learning’s PG program in digital marketing to add more value to your resume.



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