We are defined by the choices we make. In the case of our DSE alumnus Ramya, the choice was clear. Read further to know why she considered the PGP-DSE program by Great Learning as the ideal choice.
Why did you choose this particular program?
I completed my graduation in electronics and communication engineering. After college, I took up a Python course out of my own interest. Later, I decided to take up a full-time data science program; one which would help me to learn data science from scratch. My mother works for Great Lakes and she advised me to take a look at the diverse courses offered by Great Learning. I realized that PGP-DSE is the perfect match for me. The PGP-DSE program is best suited for freshers who want to build a career in data science. I was certain about the quality of the course. I didn’t even consider any other institute and enrolled for the DSE program right away.
How was the program curriculum and how is it structured?
As a fresher, I knew very little about data science but at the end of the program, I was well-versed with all the industry-relevant tools and topics. It was the ideal and the best way to learn data science. All the concepts were taught during this program with hands-on training on topics like text mining, Hadoop, SQL etc. All the Faculty were really great and I really love the way this program is structured
What are your career aspirations?
I got into Saksoft, thanks to the career fair organised by Great Learning in Chennai. My resume was shortlisted by three companies- Monexo, Saksoft, and Merit. After a f2f interview, I got a call from Saksoft for a case study test at their office followed by a rapid-fire round. The data set that was given in the case study round was similar to the classroom project that we did. So, I could do it very well. Also, Mr Hariram, who is a BABI Alumnus had given general interview guidance after my interview session with Saksoft. I got this offer even before completing the program.
What kind of career guidance did you get from your mentor?
We were properly groomed for the interviews. I would like to thank Mr Shyam Muralidharan who took my mock interview. He was very patient. He gave a lot of tips on how to perform during the interviews and highlighted the areas of improvement as well. I couldn’t have performed well in my Saksoft interview without the mock interview experience. Even after getting the job I chose to take a career mentoring session and I booked my session with Mr Shyam. Career mentoring is a good initiative as it helps students to get guidance on choosing their career path.
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