Business Analytics and Business Intelligence have picked up momentum as a career option for many professionals in the tech space. Upskilling in these fields will open up a plethora of career opportunities for any professional with or without prior knowledge of Data Science and Analytics.

How has your career path been, until your big transition to Data Science?

I had completed my graduation with Information technology engineering in the year 2012, and have an overall experience of 7 yrs. For the initial 4 years, I was in QualityKiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as a Performance Testing Engineer.Within QualityKiosk I was working with good amount of data and my interest grew for data analytics. I came across some promising fields like BlockChain and Data Science, out of which Data Science appeared more interesting to me. Till date, I have done multiple certification programs from GL, Coursera, Illinois, etc. After my course at GL, I taught as a trainer at many institutes like Imarticus and Edureka, which helped me with ideas & and their implementation at the workplace. Currently, I am working at Morningstar as Sr. Data Scientist and leading a team of four.  

Why did you choose the PGP BABI course from GL?

I was looking for a classroom program as I feel that in online class one needs to put in extra effort and is comparatively tough as you are on your own. I was suggested by different sources to check the Great Lakes and Great Learning programs. I went through the websites and immediately enrolled for the PGP BABI program as it suited my interest and need.

How was your overall experience with the program?

Few things I liked about the program were:
Quality of the Faculty – The professors were very well versed with the industry. I got to interact and learn different things from these eminent personalities who were industry experts.
Introduction to the business side of technology – The unique thing about the BABI course is the way the curriculum is designed to give an understanding of how these technologies are applied and implemented to various business verticals like finance, marketing, operations, etc.
The flexibility of the course – The course was very flexible which helped balance the learning and working easily.

What is the fondest memory of your time at GL?

I had a “Great Learning” time at GL. Every session whether it be the Classroom, Coffee Breaks or Assignment sessions proved to be insightful. I learned and gained a lot from it.

A piece of advice for other aspirants

This field is growing extensively right now and new things are coming in every day. You need to keep yourself updated with that. The courses that GL offers provide a very good foundation where you can start picking up these new things. If you directly jump into them without a stronghold of the subject, it will become very complex and you will lose the motivation to continue.



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