The role of software engineers is evolving to accommodate new technologies in Data Science, Big Data, and AI among others. To be ahead of the rest and be relevant to the demands of this role, it has become mandatory for software engineers to upskill!

How have you transitioned in your role after joining GL?

I graduated with Electronics and Communications Engineering in the year 2011. I was working at Ernst & Young in the field of automation as a Test Engineer for manual & automation testing. After working for a while, I felt the need to pursue a professional certification course with Great Learning. Currently, I am working at Walmart as a Data Scientist.

When did you decide to upskill and why did you choose GL?

While working at EY, I was a part of the Analytics team and majorly worked with SQL, Excel, and Tableau, among others. I wanted to explore more in the technical aspect of the job, so I started figuring the means to pursue it. I got to know about Great Learning and checked reviews online on LinkedIn and other platforms. The feedback about the institute and the curriculum was good and convincing, so I joined the PGP BABI course.

How was your experience with GL?

The overall experience with GL was satisfactory. The field of Data Science is so vast that to include everything in 11 months is next to impossible; particularly considering the diverse background of the students. The best thing about the course was the concepts of Statistics which helped me build a stronger foundation for my current role.

What is the best takeaway from the course?

The best takeaway from the course is the approach with which I have started perceiving the problems. The capstone project gave me an understanding of how to understand Problem-statement, capture the answer and deal with any sort of problem-related to analytics. I was among the top scorers in my Capstone project and that instilled a lot of confidence in me. Also, many of the faculties here were experts and working with reputed firms. They delivered in a way that students could easily relate to.

What advice would you impart to other aspirants?

I would suggest them to focus and learn from the class. Also, do not rely solely on the course material and read from everywhere to understand the requirements of the market and the scope of the field.



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