At the time of joining, I never knew Great Learning would take my career to the next level.
My dream of becoming a Data Analyst finally came true because of Great Learning and choosing Great Learning will always be the best decision I ever made.

What is your professional background?

I graduated as a Computer Science Engineer in the year 2018. Prior to this course, I was working for Amazon as a Machine Learning Data Associate – I, and my total work experience was only 7 months during this time. Currently, I am working with LatentView as an Analyst. 

How did you develop an interest in Data Science and why did you choose GL?

I was working as an ML Data Associate at Amazon and this became the sole reason for my interest in this field. I took Great Learning as it ranked #1 in analytics education and stands unique among all the other courses available out there. Since DSE was designed for both freshers and working professionals, I took this course and had high hopes of getting a job in Data science domain after completion of this course.

Share your experience with GL? What did you like the most about the program?

– Great learning brought in world-class faculty to teach us for each subject. All of them had more than 10+ years of experience in Data science and they really helped us understand the subject in depth. All the doubts were immediately answered and we were given hands-on exercises every day.
– There were several mini-projects, classroom presentations, and assignments for almost every subject. That helped us to work on business problems independently.
– Students were assigned a Capstone project after the final exams. A mentor was assigned for each project to guide and help the students.
– During the end of our course, an intensive Bootcamp was organized for 2 weeks. It really helped everyone to have a thorough understanding of all the concepts that were taught during the course. There were several exercises to be solved each day and the answers were discussed to make the subject matter clear to each and every student.
– Great Learning also came up with the aptitude training, guesstimates sessions, resume preparation, and one on one sessions with our mentors. We also had Mock interviews with an industry specialist. They gave us valuable inputs and their feedback helped each student to identify the areas where there was a scope for improvement.

How helpful was the Campus Assistance provided to you?

Placement assistance was provided even before the completion of the course. Companies like EXL, LatentView analytics, Fractal Analytics were the first of many to conduct placement drives for the students. With the guidance and support from Great Learning management and their faculty, I was able to clear all the rounds conducted by LatentView Analytics. I got an offer from LatentView analytics and my designation is that of a Data Analyst. The questions that were asked throughout my interview process were similar to what we had discussed during our Bootcamp session.

What will be your advice to future aspirants of this course?

One who really puts in hard work and makes use of whatever that has been taught in this course will truly shine in both their career and life. I would definitely recommend Great Learning to anyone out there who is confused about how and where to start a career in data science. This is the best place to start your career.
Upskill with Great Learning’s PG program in Data Science Engineering and unlock your dream career. 



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