Upskilling is not only popular among professionals at large corporates but is equally important and valuable for employees working in small and medium enterprises and family-run businesses. Read along to know about what motivated Ankineedu Maganti to upskill and how did he apply his newfound learning as a Managing Director at a family-owned business, in his own words:
I am the managing director of a family-owned, diversified group which is primarily focused on infrastructure development and construction. My educational background includes a Masters in Computer Science and an Executive MBA. 
In recent years, we have begun to make several investments in technology startups as well as are incubating a couple within the group. My interest in Cybersecurity was two-fold: to see implications of cybersecurity in our various initiatives, and to identify possible investment opportunities in the area. I wanted to avoid a superficial overview and preferred a deeper dive into the various aspects of cyber-security – almost as a practitioner. As I looked at a few options, I felt the course at Great Learning would be the perfect fit, where I would get a high-level overview, as well as exposure to detailed insights. 
The experience of the course has been phenomenal and all my expectations have been met. The videos from the Stanford program are a great start to the course, and also include inputs from leading industry experts working at companies such as Google, etc. At the same time, the mentor sessions allow a more interactive experience and help in explaining the critical concepts better. 
Further, the support from the team in resolving queries has been immediate and very useful, thus contributing significantly to the overall learning experience. I believe the Great Learning team has really figured out the perfect combination of recorded content with online sessions and instructor support. The portals used (Olympus & Piazza) are also very intuitive and help make the process easy.
If I had to convert this to a rating, I would rate the program and the support team 5 on 5.
Upskill with Great Learning’s Stanford Advanced Cyber Security Course and unlock your dream career.



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